A Stroke of Good Luck For Anthony Weiner?

Old NY Times Building

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The New York Times is reporting that Anthony Weiner has informed friends that he is resigning today. My first thought, upon hearing this, was one of relief. I actually did not know that he had any friends.

Obviously the Democratic Party is relieved and will be happy to put this whole episode to bed. (So to speak, that is …)   But there are those currently in the district he represents (for a few more hours), that are not so happy to see him go. Many felt that he had worked tirelessly to make their district a better place in which to live, and had done a great job. Some felt what he did wasn’t that bad and should not resign. I personally find the latter very disturbing, but maybe my lifestyle is …. how does “The Donald” put it ….”Too vanilla.”

Weiner, by his own admission, believes that political life defines him, and being a politician is all he knows. Many gentle hearts are concerned about what he is going to do with his life after he resigns. I gave this some thought, and I came up with a few ….”transitional professions” in which I think he would feel quite comfortable.

Social Media comes to mind first. He is certainly no shrinking violet when meeting others. In twitter, he customized his own dashboard to make it even more effective in sharing his many talents with others. It doesn’t take Anthony long to twitter before making a “household” name of himself and releasing his sense of humor upon others.

Another thought would be a career in photography. In just a few clicks and shutters, Anthony’s pictures became famous in just moments of being posted in a social media site. I feel that Anthony’s talents could also lead into a whole new era and genre of photography. Perhaps so named ….. “Self-Photography.” Maybe, all the duress and embarrassment felt over the last few days may, after all, just be a stroke of good luck for Weiner, empowering him to do bigger and better things.

I thought of other jobs as well, but perhaps not as prominent in nature as the aforementioned. There is male modeling (that is if you could get him to stay still), and there is always the obvious … his own stand …stationed somewhere in the 9th district selling …. Well …. you know.

One response to “A Stroke of Good Luck For Anthony Weiner?

  1. Funny and well written….I love the subtlety…


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