Excuse Me Sir, Where Did You Get Those Stilettos?

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Just when I was wondering what to write about “post Weiner” … another nugget (or two) falls in my lap. (Ugh … that is so not pretty!) So …. this man clears security and is allowed to board a US Airways flight from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., to Phoenix, Arizona wearing only women’s underwear, including black thigh-high stockings and heels. And, we aren’t even talking Brad Pitt pretty! No, we are talking a gray-haired (or Monroe-blonde haired, I can’t tell from the picture provided by the Associated Press) middle-aged man, slightly pudgy (I call it like it see it) man.

One of the passengers for that flight took the picture and, along with other passengers, complained to airline employees before boarding. Their complaints were ignored.

U.S. Airways spokeswomen Valerie Wunder (less) defended the airline’s decision to let the man fly, saying employees acted correctly. According to Fox News, Ms. Wunder stated that U.S. Airways does not have a dress code, and as long as one is not exposing one’s private parts, one is allowed to fly. Now here is where the story gets really good. (As if this wasn’t enough)

This happened six days before University of New Mexico football player Deshon Marman was literally forced off a U.S. Airways flight and arrested for allegedly refusing to pull up his sagging pajama pants. I might add in Deshon’s case, he was arrested on suspicion of trespassing, battery of a police officer and obstruction after refusing to leave the plane on the Captain’s orders. And the Airlines said that he was exposing a body part. Prosecutors have until July 18 to file any charges against him. What you want bet it gets dropped … (the charges, not his pants.)

To make my position clear (and I mean that in the purest way), I really don’t want to look at someone’s droopy pants, underwear, or nasty butt. Nor, do I want to look at a man in a bra, panties, thigh-highs and heels. As a lady who does wear ladies undergarments, I can assure you, unless that little bulge in front is duct taped, there is a pretty good chance of it popping out and wishing everyone a nice flight. And panties can ride up faster than a plane making its initial take-off. And …..”oh, hell no” ….I do not want to sit next to someone on a plane for any length of time with their pants down to their knees or dressed only in underwear. That’s just plain nasty … and probably a little pungent as well, if you get my meaning.

But the real point I would like to make has to do with the fact that (to my knowledge) there is no dress code for air travel. Obviously, everyone feels that they have a right to dress as they chose. The airlines understand this and probably feel that most people use common sense when deciding what to wear for their trip. The sad part is that the aforementioned incidences may make it necessary to create and enforce strict dress codes. Now, anyone who knows me knows that I don’t like being told what to do (big time). However if it increases my chances of never sitting on a plane next to Phil, in his matching little lace panties and bra, black thigh-highs, and a pair of killer black stilettos I would spend the mortgage payment to own …. I’d be the first to applaud the airlines in setting up and enforcing a dress code requiring people cover up not only their private parts, but their underwear. I mean … this has to be put in writing ….(sigh)

10 responses to “Excuse Me Sir, Where Did You Get Those Stilettos?

  1. Alright now! Not so fast. I understand your preferences but you have to understand this man’s preferences as well. (I admit I haven’t seen the pic yet but I will go on with this anyway based on your description.)

    He has a right to wear what he pleases. Just like you. If he is not harming anyone, or exposing himself-then why not? Just because it wasn’t attractive, or the fact that he is a man wearing women’s undergarments shouldn’t make a difference! Shame on you Debbie! (And I can almost guarantee that those garments were not smelly-he was probably VERY proud of them!)

    Plus, there might be other motives for his choice of travel clothes. He might have been ‘instructed’ to wear them by a dominant or significant other and would be in trouble (i.e. punished) if he didn’t do it. I know that there are men & women walking around right now wearing plastic ‘restraining’ devices under their outer garments, that only x-ray’s would reveal. But that is another topic. lol

    The point is, just because he is doing something against the ‘norm’ doesn’t make it wrong, it just makes you uncomfortable.

  2. I’ll also add that – given how cold they keep airplanes – there was no danger of anything sticking out from below. If anything it might have shrunk so far that it turned inward, making him a woman! I’d like him to explain THAT to his significant other upon landing. Ooh, Lordy Lordy!

  3. Hi Debbi!

    Always honored to have you stop by! Yep, to see a man in nothing but what you see in the picture (when you click on the link for Associated Press you can see the picture) does make me very uncomfortable … especially at an airport, let alone if I had to sit next to him on the plane. And I would refuse to sit next to him. It wouldn’t matter to me if it were a women, … I just rather not sit next to someone I don’t know (and most that I do know) while he/she is barely covered up. As for as this guy goes … God forbid that he should get aroused by … what ever arouses him. As far as the smell goes … I wasn’t refering to his clothes. What one does in their home is certainly none of my business and not worth commenting on, but we, as a society should set certain standards and guidelines and wearing clothes (and not just undergarments …. hello …. they are called undergarments for a reason, lol.) when out in public is a great way to start. This actually looks pretty ridiculous and it might have been funny, if there had not been children around. The obvious is, if we just shrug and say what he is doing is ok, then what next? It is not normal for a man to go to the airport undressed as he was, and yes, I do think that it was wrong …. I mean that was just …….WRONG.

    I love our little debates Debbi!

  4. LOL Peregine, I love it. I said give the man a blanket ….. but ….well, never mind. :o)

  5. Oh, c’mon, Debbie, you mean you WON’T fly w/me when/if we go to Nebraska w/both of us wearing only our matching bra & panties … & our combat boots? You are absotively NO fun!

    But you are funny, funnier than my cat–& that’s sayin’ something.

  6. OK Debbie…how about Madonna? She started a trend years ago, that got teenagers to wear ‘undergarments’ on the outside, including cone bra’s! And that trend lasted a decade. I rest my case.

  7. Linda …. definitively “oh, hell no!”, lol. However I will make one exception and that is that I will sit by you if YOU do it. In fact I will personally shoot video and take pictures, lol. Now that sounds like fun, my friend … doesn’t it? Oh …come …Onnnn …:o)

  8. LOL … Debbi … I’m actually not a Maddona fan. But the key word I am hearing is on the outside, meaning over their clothes. And they also looked really silly. And …. I feel you just made my case. We accepted Madonna and the cone bras, etc. and look where we are now. A mostly naked man wearing a bra, panties, black thigh-highs, and heels. :o) God, I hope this trend doesn’t last more than this guy’s 15 minutes of fame. Your honor, the Prosecution feels that it has made its case, and will rest. :o)

  9. Okay, first of all, if any of you are going to Nebraska, you need to let me in on this trip!!! I have family there. But, I can just see my poor mom’s reaction if she were to see some guy walk off the plane wearing nothing but women’s underwear and stilletos.

    Debbi, interesting observation…you would have to wonder if the guy was put up to it, or is trying/hoping to cause a legal battle for his rights. To me, the guy has some serious problems if he wants to call that much attention to himself and/or is in a relationship where someone wants to humiliate him.

    But, I’m with Debbie B on this one….there is a certain minimum standard on what is acceptable out in public. I would not appreciate sitting next to anyone in a plane, male, female or transgendered, that is so brazen that they feel they need to dress in underwear and call attention to themselves.

    Ultimately, I look at our American Individualistic mindset. We’re so focused on OUR individual rights, and if it doesn’t hurt someone, it’s okay? No…I don’t think it’s okay for anyone to run around in underwear. Even if it’s going to be chilly and keep certain body parts hidden.

  10. Joye, the amazing thing to me is that he stated in an Australian article found at http://www.smh.com.au/travel/travel-news/i-do-it-for-fun-crossdressing-business-travellers-motive-20110623-1gh1b.html , that he would only pose for pictures if they were taken for personal use. He stated that he was a business consultant and “had a lot at stake” and would not want his airport escapades revealed …. seriously?? I have two words for “Howard” …TOO LATE.

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