Dean MartinAccording to Dean Martin …. “Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime.”  In Dean’s case … everybody loved Dean Martin …. all the time.

I had so much fun talking with Neil Daniels (Former NBC Network VP Liaison, at NBC) and former Gold Digger, Patty Booth-Julius, at On The Grid Internet talk Radio, recently.

I didn’t know that Dean had quit school in the 10th grade, and that he had an array of jobs before the age of 16.  He had been a shoe-shine boy, a store clerk, and a steel worker, among other things.  He had sold illegal lottery tickets, and illegal liquor, and had been an amateur boxer.

He was also as funny, if not funnier … during the run-through of his show (he never rehearsed), as he was on stage.  And, surprisingly enough, considering Dean’s early background, and being in the entertainment business … he never used profanity in front of his Golddiggers.  He was always the perfect gentleman.  (According to Patty Booth-Julius.)

Dean left us on Christmas Day, 1995, but he left behind a legacy of work that would make him one of the most beloved entertainers in the world … forever.

In my opinion, Dean Martin will always be the classiest act in the entertainment world … bar none.

I’ve been listening to Dean’s songs a lot recently.  He still makes me swoon when he croons.  And, I am now a proud member of the Dean Martin Fan Center.  I don’t think that Dean really left his fans that Christmas in 1995.  Just watch one of his movies or videos of past shows, or listen to one of his songs … and you feel like he’s in the room with you … smiling back at you.

“Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime” belongs only to Dean Martin.  And without doubt …in Dean’s case … everybody loved Dean Martin …. all the time.


  1. I grew up and still live near Steubenville OH where Dean Martin was born and Raised Dean is still loved and respected here in OH. I finally got to Westwood Memorial Park in LA in 2010 and was able to Pay respects to Dean at His grave. He is and was a great Man. it’s an Honor to say I live near his birthplace. 🙂

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