Are Guns a Blame of Convenience?

Gun laws fail safety test: GreensThe Senate Judiciary Committee in Washington, D.C. is holding its probe into President Obama’s ambitious plan to tackle gun violence in the wake of last month’s Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre.  Simultaneously, hundreds of miles away in a small southern town, a man fatally shot a school bus driver and took a young six-year old child hostage, yesterday … and is still holding the child hostage, today.  The man boarded a school bus parked near a church in Midland, Ala., yesterday, shot the driver four times, grabbed the boy and is still, at this time of this writing, holding the child hostage in a home-made bunker in his back yard.

Naturally, there is irony in that both are happening simultaneously. But is irony really soon becoming a “way of life’ for us Americans? Senate Committees holding gun-law probes and miles away gun-related violence is being reported. But, what do we, as individuals, need to do in order stop this? Don’t we, as individuals, have any responsibility to make change? Or, are we just leaving it up to the government and new gun laws. That is, after all, more convenient than taking inventory of ourselves and making some changes.

In my humble opinion, it would be a healthy start to stop looking for one … “blame of convenience.” It’s so easy to blame the National Rifle Association (NRA) and gun ownership, rather than to take a look at ourselves and to see if we … each and every one of us … aren’t somewhat responsible.

As far as passing more gun legislation, wouldn’t it be more proactive to enforce the gun laws that we already have, than to create more laws? The loopholes in the gun laws that are already in place … have more holes than Dunkin has donuts. How about we try filling in these holes, first.

Maybe it’s time we re-think our “it’s none of my business” mentality, start being more observant, and take action if things don’t seem right. In every one of the mass school shootings, it became evident that were visible signs of problems in each of the individuals involved, and yet no one did or said anything. I think I’d rather have a family member, neighbor, or friend mad at me, than to think that I could have helped to prevent a tragedy, but didn’t.

Here’s a thought, maybe it’s time to work with the police when they are trying to get the bad guys off the street and out of your neighborhood, rather than slamming the door in their face.

How about monitoring the amount of violence our children are subjected to in movies, T.V., music and video games. I believe that there is no better case for “life imitating art” than what we are seeing play out today in our schools and neighborhoods … and the aforementioned art forms.

It’s seems to me that more people are more interested in creating babies than they are families, nowadays. And that, I feel is one of the biggest problems. It’s right up there with taking God and pride in Country out of the equation.

Yep, we can blame guns and gun laws all we want … and there is some merit in that, I agree … but we seem to be falling short of all the other reasons, the underlying reasons that we … as individuals … need to realize, and for which we need to take some responsibility.

I feel we need to start asking ourselves some serious questions about what it is we can do to make a difference, and then take action. We need to stop making guns and gun laws the sole … “blame of convenience.”

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