Chris Dorner: The Movie

2-13-2013 10-33-37 AMIf this had been a movie instead of a real life tragedy, Chris Dorner would have had the movie version play out this way …

He would have taken another hostage, unbeknownst to the Federal and local law enforcers. As the bullets showered the cabin, where Dorner and his hostage were surrounded … Dorner would have set the cabin on fire …. shot the hostage in the head … covered himself with a white sheet he had found earlier in a hall closet … and ran out the back as soon as the fire started to rage, using the fire and explosion caused by the fire as a distraction … and the white sheet to camouflage himself in the snow.

He would have made it to the woods and out of sight of those closing in on him. He would have walked away with a grandiose vision of “godliness” and feeling invincible. He would have lived to kill again.

But, this is not an action movie. Real people, innocent people were killed by this man. This is real life. I want to believe that the body in that cabin is Chris Dorner and that this story really has a “real life” ending.

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