The Clothes Were Flying and The Wine Was Flowing

Welcome To My World!

Welcome To My World!

I went to a party last night. All the ladies were taking off their clothes and the wine was flowing.

Now that I have your attention … relax … it was a CABI party and all about an exclusive line of clothing by Carol Anderson. The Rep for CABI was Jenni Rahrig, and she did one fabulous job of entertaining us … and showing us all the beautiful clothes she brought with her. By all means, visit her “rep” website, at … and learn all about CABI.

And … oh … my … I do have to RAVE about the one and only (seriously) Anna Jolly … (Elements Studio) … who hosted the party at her beautiful home. The food was outrageously scrumptious … the wine … excellent … and oh YES … it was flowing!

Unfortunately, we were all so captivated with the clothes and Jenni, that …. to my knowledge … no pictures were taken. Probably a few ladies sighing a breath of relief (after all … what goes on at a CABI party … stays at the CABI.)

Anyway, it was my first CABI party, and it certainly was a spectacular introduction. I already knew that I live in the greatest neighborhood … ever … and have some of the best neighbors … EVER … and, now … I know about CABI.

2 responses to “The Clothes Were Flying and The Wine Was Flowing

  1. Debbie, you are so sweet to mention me in your blog!! I had so much fun with all of you!

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