ZOOM WHITENINGEveryone who knows me knows I so do like my coffee … and my Shiraz.  But … these “guiltless” pleasures also come with a price.  Everyone who knows me also knows that I love to smile and to laugh.  Therein lies the reason why I decided it was time to do a little “teeth whitening.”

 Since I also have a habit of making last-minute decisions (and I have a trip coming up), I opted for the ZOOM Whitening process.  The staff at the dentist office of which I chose to “brighten my smile” was very accommodating and got me in very quickly.  And no, I didn’t do the week or two of using a desensitized product… so I knew that I might experience a little sensitivity.

I went in this last Wednesday.  The whole process went very well … although … one of the staff did forget to put on my goggles/glasses for the first 15 minute session.  That was remedied before the start of the next 15 minute session.  In all, there were four 15 minute sessions.  The staff was very attentive and the time actually went by rather quickly.  Not much to say about the contraption they stuck in my mouth for an hour.  Ugh … I guess I’m just not a “50 Shades of Grey” kind of lady.  The rest of that afternoon and evening was fine.

Thursday morning, I awoke with a throbbing headache and … nausea … really … strong bouts of nausea, which lasted for about 12 hours straight (seriously).  I haven’t been that sick since someone once said to me “let’s do tequila shots … it will be fun!”  Today, I am much better, but still not maybe 100%.

I do want to mention that I had no burning or pain in the mouth area, because of the great office care I received. I believe that the staff was very attentive, professional, and did everything possible to make this a good and safe experience.  And … I believe that not everyone will have the experience that I did.

My point of sharing this isn’t about blaming the “day after” on the Dentist office staff, or the Zoom procedure.  I understand that people do this every day, with very minimal side effects.  This is just what happened in my case … and trust me … I do seem to have a few …. “adventures”  … uncommon to others.

I would also love to hear other people’s experiences with the Zoom process. I’m sure there are a lot of great experiences out there and I would love to hear them.

And, if you are considering “brightening your smile” … you might want to take a huge bite of reality by checking out the pros and cons, before making the decision of how … and with whom.

All vanity aside, I also believe a smile … any smile … will brighten someone else’s day … and with absolutely no bad side effects.


  1. Let me just say…there is no excuse for the bad of forgetting to put your goggles on…we are talking eyesight here !!

    I’m not a fan of any process that requires goggles anyway…enough said…
    So glad you are better and you crack me up 🙂

    • LOL, thanks Bea! I know … apparently no repercussions from the first 15 without goggles …. at this point, and thank goodness for that. Good points my dear friend! I shared this today because I believe advertisements make it all look like fun and gloss over the more serious side of even, what some would consider …. the easiest of procedures.

  2. I think it’s wonderful that you shared…and I think also you did it in a very classy way…you are the best!

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