During a Facebook discussion concerning Islam and Sharia law … someone brought up the ageless and threadbare argument of the Holy wars/Crusades (1000 years old) in reference to the “so-called” Holy Bible and the hypocritical “so-called” Christians. Those are his words … certainly, not mine.

I did suggest to him that the crusades are over 1000 years old. To date, I am not aware of any religious WARS being fought in America, recently. (At least, not yet.) In fact … I have never heard of any Baptists who have beheaded Methodists because they wouldn’t become Baptists. Actually, the Holy Bible and the Crusades have very little to do with … TODAY … and ISIS, Sharia Law, and the Radical Islamic Terrorists. What happened 1000 years ago will not kill us. What is happening in Iraq and other areas in the Middle East, TODAY, can kill us, now … if we don’t take action. As far as his wording of the “so-called” Holy Bible … I guess we should direct him to the room housing those who desecrate our American Flag and curse our Military servicemen/women.

To believe that Christians are hypocrites because we preach love and yet do not want the evil of Sharia law into this country doesn’t make sense to me. It is because we love our God, our families … and our country that we are fighting against Sharia law and those whom try make it law in America. I wonder why people always love to blame God for all the failings of the people he put on this earth. We all are hypocrites to some degree. Christians are always singled out, it seems, the most.

But what about the actors who preached against guns and capitalism and then make action movies where violence and guns are the main theme … and make millions of dollars, doing so. What about the singers who sponsor benefits for world hunger…. yet…. do…. really …. very little … for America. What about people in both categories that talk about how the “fortunate rich” should pay more taxes, and yet … are using the same loop holes as everyone else to get out of paying those taxes. What about the men and women, who think that pedophilia is disgusting and are always shocked when they hear the stories, yet have a feeling that sexual abuse could be happening to a family member or extended family member, and look the other way? What about the salespeople selling a product they don’t even use themselves? My point is, everyone can wear the “H tattoo” on their forehead, at some time or the other, but … that doesn’t take away their rights to speak out about the fundamentals of their beliefs. So, when one attacks the Holy Bible, and blames it for wars committed by men, and one calls Christians … hypocritical “so-called” Christians … maybe one should talk a look at one’s own self.

Frankly, I think there are a lot worse things one can be called, other than Christian … hypocritical or otherwise.

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