Hillary Clinton: Why We Should All Run … In The Other Direction

This Is Really Debbie BarthSo, Hillary Clinton has finally announced that once again, she is running for the highest office in the land. In my humble opinion … we should all be running … in the other direction. I responded to someone’s post earlier this morning, in Facebook. The original post used the word … respect … in regards to H. Clinton. Here is my response.

It’s funny, you mention “respect.” When I think about the Clintons, respect is not a word I would use. Her husband’s sexual exploits … to this day are disgusting. His latest scandal involves his relationship with billionaire pedophile named Jeffrey Epstein, and his trips to Epstein’s island. Yes, he has made several trips to the island … but, was he actually caught in bed with underage girls … no … not yet, anyway. And yes, this does effect Hillary, as the President, because even more scrutiny will be placed on Bill and his extra curricula activities and could jeopardize the office of the Presidency, because Hillary would wheel and deal (and sell her soul) (IMHO) to bury any scandal while in that office.

Then, there is her closest aide and long-time friend, Huma Abedin (Weiner). Yep, she is married to Anthony Weiner … you know the one who likes to show off his genitals on Twitter. Huma’s father is Indian and her mother is Pakistani … all are Muslims. Her father was recruited by a top al-Qaeda financier to run the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs, which promotes Islamic-supremacist ideology. Her mother wrote a book … “Women in Islam” which claims man-made laws enslave women. It “reportedly” provides Sharia justifications for such practices as female-genital mutilation. Hillary Clinton once made the statement that if she had another daughter, Huma would be her. So the love and defense of Muslim ideology will stay intact (even after Obama is gone) with her as President. (My ref. Andrew C McCarthy … “The Huma Unmentionables”, National Review Online, July 2013.”)

As for as Obamacare is concerned … even some Democrats shutter at Clinton’s health reform bill in 1993. People on both side of the isle felt it to be more restrained and harmful, economically, than Obamacare (my ref is Clinton, Inc. by Daniel Halper).

As far as Benghazi … she was the one that ran the 3:00 am call … ad … and then failed to answer it, when it became a reality. She was the Secretary of State, so she is the one primarily responsible. While others were involved, she did NOT break from the pack and do the right thing by those killed in Benghazi. If she can screw this up and then lie about it … why would one want this same woman as President? And … really, what has she done … really done that was purposeful as Secretary of State?

I could go on, but seriously … when you factor in all the previous scandals, the lies (like being in a helicopter that landed during enemy fire… (Brian Williams was crucified for something very similar), the fact that she used her private email system for government sensitive material, and her sense of entitlement … and the aforementioned … I seriously pray that she does NOT get elected.  We should all be running in the other direction.

My reference for my comment concering Huma Abedin: http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/354351/huma-unmentionables-andrew-c-mccarthy

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