COS Going Nowhere in Oklahoma … And The Same Can Be Said Of The Threats

The Convention of States in Oklahoma is going nowhere … at least, this year. Both sides agree on the issue, just not how to handle it.  One thing though, please read the paragraph below, and the article.  My point is … I personally know of instances, and have seen some of the very distasteful letters going around by those that are FOR COS.  I have seen a communication with a “veiled threat” towards someone.  And, I had email communication with one person, who was very abrupt and rude … initially.  Most of the people that I have met that are for COS are NOT the kind of people that I would want to see (or to have them send) to a COS.  Being rude, forceful, and threatening, does not, in any way, represent the purest of heart and intention (as were our framers) that I would want to sit down at a table and draw up amendments, forever changing our Constitution.

Excerpt from the article:
“I personally had threats from many people by phone and emails from out-of-state supporters of the Article V,” Ritze added. “In the end truth and common sense prevailed with a very exhausting battle for freedom.”

Here is the article:

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