A day in the life of Socialism. The College Kids are going to love it!

So, you want Bernie Sanders for President. So much for having control over your internet service, and bandwidth, etc. And … so much for the choice of cell phone service. You can kiss your new business, and entrepreneurial spirit, goodbye. You won’t need it, after college.  Your college is free … so the government will tell you what you will be doing, afterward. And, besides … you won’t have access to competitive business loans because, Uncle Bernie is going to shut down the banks.

But … whether you work, after college, or just live off the benefits provided by your new Socialist Government … I bet you will be excited about the apartment, provided for you. (It also takes away the worry about where to live. Your government will tell you.)

With Uncle Bernie’s 90% (Government) 10% (you) split of what you make … your medical will be free. Of course … that probably means a longer wait-time, and since there is no competition in healthcare … the quality of service might not be so hot … but hey … it’s free.

And, who really needs nice, fancy cars? Bikes, buses, subways and trains are nice.

Oh … and, since you want to take part in the conservation of our energy and … go … green. Who cares if the lights are shut off at 11:00 pm, at night? Since the public transportation stops around then … and the traffic lights are turned off … it’s not like you were going out for a hot night on the town, anyway.

You do understand that a Socialistic government means that the government owns everything … that means no private ownership of homes, for example. It means that the government controls all the production of foods and other goods. People do not own their businesses … the government does.

It means that it would control what books are read in school, what movies you watch at the theater, and even the programs you watch on TV. (We are already dangerously there … and it so seriously is not working.)

You want us to be like other Socialistic Governments, like The Republic of Cuba, North Korea, or China? Then, by all means, vote for Bernie Saunders.

It will not take long for that “warm and fuzzy” feeling for Uncle Bernie … to wear off.

4 responses to “A day in the life of Socialism. The College Kids are going to love it!

  1. Robert McWaters

    Excellent Debbie !
    Time to…


    • Oh my friend!! It has been so long since I have heard from you! Thank you. I apologize for the amount of blogs today. I have been using notes in Notebook and someone asked me for alternative media, as his wife enjoyed my posts, but was not in Facebook. So, I am adding the last ones I did. I am also writing another today, so please bear with me, I will not post so many, all in one day, once I am caught up. I promise. So great to hear from you!!!

  2. Hi, Debbie,

    I am the wife you spoke of…

    Glad to see you are returning to your blog. Yep, I’m the dinosaur with no Facebook. I still have a “dumb” phone with the texting feature blocked so that I actually talk to the people in my life. I guess that makes me kind of a renegade. In addition, I am a teacher, a CONSERVATIVE teacher, no less. Please know that as often as the subject permits, I am all over this new “entitlement” trend with the high school students I teach. Students know that I consider them the “Participation Generation.” Seems they have come to believe that just showing up means a trophy–in my case a diploma….to which I say “Hold on there, Buckaroo”. Glad to connect with others of like mind.

    Look forward to future posts!

    Debbie W.

    • Debbie! I am so blessed to be able to thank YOU for your kind words, and for your encouragement. Yes, it is truly because of you that I have decided to spend more time, here, with my blogs. Thank you!

      I also want to let you how much I admire you, not only as a teacher (truly one of the hardest and underpaid jobs there are) but as one who maintains and lives by your conservative ideology and faith. We so desperately need more teachers, like you, in our schools, colleges and Universities. God Bless you!

      And, please know, constructive criticism is always welcomed. I’m sure that I am due a refresher course in when it comes to grammar.

      Thank you,

      Debbie B.

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