Well, we knew this election year was going to be exciting, and, unlike any other. We expected the name calling, the bashing, the inaccuracies, the 2-minute Super Pac videos that would be clipped and edited to promote their candidates, and the 30 second commercials that leave fact-checkers shaking their head.

We knew that we would gain friends and lose friends in real life, and mainly … in Social Media. We know that there would be continuous heated, verbal battles, especially between the followers of the two top candidates. We knew there would be ridiculous memes created and splashed all over Facebook, insulting each others candidates.

And, we knew that with a formidable and hugely successful businessman, like Donald Trump, turned politician … there would be fireworks to rival any 4th of July gala.

But, could we ever … in our wildest imagination … ever see … Megyn Kelly and Michael Moore, making goo-goo eyes at each during prime-time, on Fox News?

Whoever thought she would lead to a “hard-break” with “stay tuned because Michael Moore is with us, tonight, to talk about the upcoming GOP debate!”

Once I regained my composure, it all started to make sense to me.

Even before the first debate, it was pretty much common knowledge that Trump would be the one to take down … you know, in the same way that they took down Herman Cain, and so many others.

Megyn Kelly, having an ego twice her body weight, thought that she should be the one to do this.
So she aimed … fired the first shot … and hit her target with precision aim. But, it didn’t take Trump down. So, she put her assault weapon down … took up a hatchet, in true Lizzie Borden style … and has … continuously … ever so demurely … been hacking away.

With squinted eyes, a jaw locked firmly in place, drool dripping down the side of her mouth … she was sharpening her knives for the Thursday debate.

And, then it happened. Trump, being the genius deal maker that he is … looked at where he stands in the polls, looked at the amount of viewers that Fox stands to lose this coming Thursday … and, who had the most, in fact … to gain, should he walk away … and then … he walked away. The art of any deal, as any Trump student would know (ok, or a Kenny Rogers fan) is to know when to continue negotiations and when to walk away.

So … as anyone who has ever been ganged-up on (and trust me, I have) has experienced that … the enemy will first play the victim card and then gather all his/her friends to gather together and take ‘pop-shots” at the “gangee” (this is my made-up word). And then he/she will start an instant love affair with others (to gain validation of how great he/she is) that at, any other time, would have no meaning, whatsoever, in his/her life.

And so … now … after care deliberation … this all makes sense to me. This is truly the saga of Megyn Kelly vs Donald Trump that will at least last through all of 2016, if not infinity.

The love-match between Megyn Kelly and Michael Moore … not so long.

And … as far as me, Debbie Barth … watching Kelly on Fox … I quote the Raven … “Never Moore.”

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