Okay, everybody, calm down! They work at the same network and of course, they run into one another on occasion. Nothing to see, here. You’ve been fished, and this is the bait.

But, if I put this together, with a picture of the two of them looking absurdly surprised, it would have been tossed around more than a cheerleader at a College football game.

Now, those of you who took the time to read this, know that the title was sensationalized to catch people scrolling (and trolling) twitter and the newsfeed in Facebook.

And, had I been so desperate for displaying a preference for sensationalizing and fabrication … I could have added a room number and other misleading information. And, that is the hook.

Instead of taking a few minutes to go online to see if there is any information to prove or disprove the posted comment … the outraged, the cynical, and the bored … will start commenting.

And, there you have it … yet another false rumor and/or hoax, being passed around and shared.

Now, before anyone becomes indignant, I too, have fallen victim to posting something that has been revealed as a hoax. And, I have good friends who will call me out on it. Hey, that’s what … real friends … do.

So now, before I comment or share, I do check sources to see if whatever I am posting is truthful. I know it’s time consuming, and I still might get it wrong, but it might just cut down on some of the crap people are reading and seemingly believing.

There are some that say … hey, what’s the big deal … who cares? Now that one … really pulls my last nerve out of place.

Since when did it become accepted, and commonplace, to deliberately write lies about people and events?

No … because it’s someone you don’t like … or a political candidate you despise… it should not be acceptable, nor encouraged … to spread false rumors and lies.

Think about it … I’m looking at a meme with a hideous picture of Hillary Clinton (trust me, I do not like her) making some outlandish remark against another candidate, which is not true. And the creator of the meme is emphasizing the word … LIAR. What’s wrong with this picture?

My criticism is not directed toward those who have unknowingly shared false information, nor directed toward those who have responded. I have done the very same thing.

My criticism is toward those who seem to have some creative talent and use it to distort the truth and mislead people. The truth is bad enough, these days. The truth can be ugly enough, without the twisted distortions from those who get some kind of kick out of fooling people.

In my opinion, the truth is a big deal. If we have information that we want to share with others, we should do our best to make sure that it is the truth. We … those who blog and spend a lot of time in Facebook … have no reason to participate in this kind of mean, twisted distortion of truth.

Lord knows … We have prime-time news media, for that.

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