Adam Edelman published an article concerning the outcome of the New Hampshire Primary, yesterday (2-19-2016). His bio says that he is a political reporter at the Daily News, where he covers national politics.

While he may fit the term … journalist … by definition … and, may have credentials and a “Press Pass” (that one can obtain for less than $300.00 by simply joining the US Press Association) his skill set seems limited to using, slurs, conjecture, and insulting descriptions like … bloviating and brainless voters … rather than to simply state the facts for his readers. It seems that ethics have clearly taken a back seat to sarcasm, sensationalism, and theatrics.

The editors at the New York Daily News met, rubbed their hands together like snickering nine-year-old boys looking at an old copy of “Play Boy” magazine and added the finishing touches, by putting a sordid, ridiculous clown face of Donald J Trump on the cover of their paper. Their chosen headline piece was “Dawn of The Brain Dead.”

Actually … I thought the headline title fit perfectly.

No, not in reference to Donald J Trump, or those remarkably savvy voters.

There really is …apparently … the “dawning of the brain-dead.” It is a real phenomenon. And, they walk among us. They are working in all areas of media, including this newspaper. They are the people who sit in front of cameras and are reading from a teleprompter, happy to say and do whatever it takes to get ratings for the media moguls, and to get a paycheck.

They are people who are blessed to be doing what they love to do, and then abuse their talents (those that indeed have talent) by misleading their readers with inaccuracies, deliberate lies, and disgusting pictures that fit their biased agenda, and gets them readers.

And … they are the people who read this trash, feed the nasty habits of these so-called media darlings and journalists, and help to finance the real “dumbing down of America.”

The New York Daily News had the right headline title in “Dawn Of The Brain Dead.”  They simply had the wrong picture. In fact … I don’t think that they get the “real picture” at all.

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2-10-2016 2:57 pm EST.

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