People Have a Right to Protest – No Matter How Hypocritical

 People have a right to protest. They have a right to assemble peacefully.  Sometimes it helps to bring change.  And sometimes, it brings out the hypocrisy of people demanding center stage, and having no clue what to say and why they are really there.  That is exactly what I think of the “Women’s March” today. 

 A “war on women?”.  How misguided and hypocritical can people be!  If these people want to know what a “war on women” … truly is … they need to talk with Ayann Hirsi Ali.  This woman was caught in a “war on women” and, in comparison … it makes these fools look small and petty.

 They should read her books:

Infidel: My Life, Heretic -Why Islam Needs a Reformation Now-The Caged Virgin-Nomad: From Islam to America

 The people participating in this march have no clue what a “war on women” really is.  They have no clue why they were even there.  In fact, many were paid.

And, the irony is, these people don’t even realize that they are pawns of the Organizational leaders … from Planned Parenthood, to Gloria Steinem … that are using them to hang onto, even a shred, of relevancy.

 Yes, they have a right to protest and to assemble peacefully … no matter how misguided and hypocritical they are.  It is … after all … America.

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 Debbie Barth: 01/21/2017 at 9:36:15 pm EST
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