Family Dance? No Thanks, I’m Sitting This One Out

Just one more way to erode the parental role of parents, in this case … the father.  Instead of “changing the name from Father-Daughter” dance to “Family” dance … how about working on emphasizing the importance of having a father … in a child’s life.

Yes, it is sad to see  someone at a “dance” without a Father with whom to dance … but … the real tragedy is that same someone doesn’t have a Father … in … her … life.

THAT is what needs to be addressed … instead of continuing the devaluation of Motherhood and Fatherhood … with a “Family” Dance.

Family dance?   How about doing a “little dance” on the head of all the deadbeat fathers who think impregnating women is sport … and makes him “a man.”

Meanwhile … for all of the responsible fathers, who understand the enormous responsibility of being a “father” … let them (and, their fortunate young daughters) … have their dance.


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Debbie Barth: 03/11/2017 at 10:53:08 pm EDT © All rights reserved

One response to “Family Dance? No Thanks, I’m Sitting This One Out

  1. Amen Debbie! Why has society totally given the fathers the get out of any responsibility tag? We could write book or volumes of books on this subject!


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