I’ve Been Thinking About President Trump And Transgender In The Military

President Trump rattled a few people, today, with his decision concerning transgender in the Military.

Imagine … Joe goes into the military and undergoes training designed for male prowess … all records show … he’s a man … then, one year later Joe starts hormone treatments, psych evals, and surgeries, because … he wants to be a “Josephine.” … which limits his/her/it’s ability to do the job he signed up for and for which he is being paid. AND … there are the hundreds of $1000 of dollars spent on this one individual, because … he wants to be a she. So … all the military records will need to be changed, the physical training programs for this individual now must be designed with the physical restraints required for a woman … and … the beat goes on.

The interaction with others on the base and out in the field obviously takes a toll, because of the transition that is happening and the evolution of this person, once a man, now a woman (or vice versa). Anyone who doesn’t believe that it effects everyone around this guy/girl seriously is not grasping reality.

The fact that those, serving and disagree with this culture … and, who feel that this “culture” is “forcing itself” on them … and … forcing other soldiers to condone that ideology … will only serve to insert resentment toward the Trans-soldier. In the heat of battle, this is most certainly a distraction.

And … how do Military recruiters and personnel sort out those future Trans who ONLY join the Military, to get free (or less costly) treatments, medicines and surgeries from those who are truly wanting to serve, and … fight for this country? How do they do that?

Obviously, those who have already gone through the transition BEFORE joining have a good argument but, certainly … not those who are openly say they are Trans and will be going through the process. Or … mention it, after joining.

This issue of Transgender in the military is so much more complex than just being a “social issue.” I’ve only mentioned a few of the … obvious … issues.

This is not a Social Media Corporation … this is our military forces … put in foreign lands … faced with life or death situations, and … at times … fighting the enemy for their own lives.

And, when it comes to putting hundreds of thousands of brave men and women serving our country as the Government’s priority, over the Transgender issue … and, taking the time needed to sort all of this out … frankly … I’m all for that.


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Debbie Barth: 07/26/2017 at 7:36 pm EDT
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2 responses to “I’ve Been Thinking About President Trump And Transgender In The Military

  1. It’s really quite simple: You can put a Cadillac emblem on a Chevy but, it’s still a Chevy! You are what your gene says you are. Anything else is a wannabe…. and aberration….abnormal by any standards.

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