Pick up a Dictionary: The Real Meaning of Nationalist.

Fox News … In my opinion are pushing their Globalist bosses’ agenda by calling all people who are white and who are nationalists “White Supremacist”. That is a lie. There are white, black, and brown, who are Nationalists. They love America, they do not want American history erased by taking down our monuments and changing history in history books … and (and, this is what the Globalist really hate) … nationalist want our borders closed and secured.

The news anchors should stop reading the teleprompter and pick up a dictionary. The word, nationalist means “someone who advocates for the independence of one’s country.” That is all it means!

There were people who might have called themselves white nationalist who were displayed “white supremacist” ideology, last Saturday.  But … blame it on those people and not ALL nationalist who want our borders secured, bring jobs back, and use our own energy resources.

I have gay friends. When they see the lewd, disgusting naked and half-naked people walking in parades and screaming “We’re queer and we’re here!” … they cringe, and shake their heads. Those idiots don’t represent all the gay community any more than those despicable people waving Nazi flags, etc., represented true nationalist.

I despise David Duke … I despise white supremacy … but I love my country, I want my borders secured, and I want American history, the good and the deplorable preserved! I am not a white supremacist … I am a nationalist.

Shame on YOU for showing your Globalist agenda and trying to silence people by tagging all nationalist with disgraceful names.


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Debbie Barth: 08/14/2017 at 4:45 pm Est. © All rights reserved


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