The NFL thought they owned us.  The team owners had beautiful stadiums built, reminiscent of Roman arenas … which evolved into glorious Coliseums.

The pageantry of the pregame ceremonies whipped up the crowd into a frenzy, filling the stadium with loud cheers for their team, and boos for the visiting teams.  We loved our NFL and our NFL teams.

The football players would run onto the field like gladiators running toward a life-or-death match.  Those “football gladiators” … many of whom we bestow our respect and adulation … and …  forgive … easily…  the players who beat their wives and girlfriends, who shoot themselves in their own thigh … while drunk at a club, and who kill passengers in their car, while driving under the influence.  We even forget those … who are in prison for arranging the murder of a pregnant girlfriend, which caused mental and physical injuries to the unborn child, who … miraculously… was saved.  (Rae Lamar Wiggins … aka …Rae Carruth-former Carolina Panther.)  We love our NFL and the NFL teams.

We have not flinched at the inflated ticket prices or the cost of purchasing all the NFL paraphernalia, to show off our favorite teams and players.  We loved the NFL and the NFL teams.

And, the NFL and teams knew it.  They knew that whatever they did had no bearing, because the fans loved them.  The NFL owned us.

But then … one day … a player decided to take a knee and disrespect our National Anthem, our flag, soldiers, first responders, and … our country.  Then … twelve more players decided to “take a knee.”  And, when our President spoke out, passionately, against the disrespect … entire teams, complete with their coaches … “took a knee.”  And, then something the NFL hadn’t expected … happened.

Fans started to burn their jerseys, fans declined going to the games, sales at the NFL store slowed down … fans cancelled their NFL Ticket on Direct T.V. … and, fans turned off their T.V. at game time.

The NFL thought they owned us.  They thought we loved them.  And, we probably did.  What the NFL didn’t count on was that fans … AMERICANS … loved their country … more.


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Debbie Barth: 09/27/2017 at 12:01am EDT
© All rights reserved


  1. Hi Debbie. Well said. Mirrors my thoughts exactly. I wrote about cotton this week. Find it at Life is good in Missouri.

  2. Well, it’s been a week since this post. Things havenot improved for the NFL. When those players finally get off their knees, there will be a lot of atoning to do.

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