Meet the Satanist Who Demands Christians Bake His Cakes

Meet Douglas Mesner, from Detroit, Michigan … aka … Lucien Greaves … a self-professed “Satanist” who is suggesting that his “followers” demand Christians bake cakes, with “satanic themes,” for their cult celebrations.  I am assuming the “Devil’s Food Cake” would be most popular with this group.  I believe this demand really has more to do with Greaves’ misguided greed for some sort of sick and perverse power.  Of course, a financial “windfall” from a civil lawsuit by the so-called “Satanist” is probably a motivator, as well.  And … the fact the Greaves could be responsible for ruining the livelihood of a Christian … would be the … icing … on his cake.

He is also encouraging LGBT rights supporters to order Satan-themed cakes from bakers who oppose same-sex marriage because of their religious beliefs.  I frankly find that an insult to the LGBT supporters, simply because … it implies that none of them believe in God, and … all … are Satanist.

I am not sure which is an uglier, scary thought … his face … or the fact that he is the “leader/founder” of the Satanic Temple (with a small following) … and, that he has 12K followers (at least “like”) his page, in Facebook.

I agree with Tucker Carlson that this person is … probably … no more than a bitter, hate-filled, individual who led an unhappy life, filled with rejection.  More than likely, his only way of dealing with the fate life has dealt him … was to create a “persona” that would draw people to him, who had similar unhappy experiences, and/or lack of self-esteem.

Greaves is also the co-founder and spokesperson for the After School Satan program created in 2016 by The Satanic Temple.  So, parents … seriously … you may want to take more notice of the after-school programs offered by your local schools.

So … this is Douglas Mesnar …   Doug from Detroit, Mi. … using the self-esteem issues of others and, those whose social culture differ from others …  to promote his own sick hatred for a God, for whom … he holds nothing but contempt.  There will no picture shown of “Doug,” in this blog.  I feel “unclean” enough, just writing about him.  As far as his suggestion to harass Christian bakery owners and to demand they bake “Satanic-themed” cakes … let him bake his own cake.  And … I hope he chokes on it.


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Debbie Barth: 09/30/2017 at 5:58pm EDT
© All rights reserved

4 responses to “Meet the Satanist Who Demands Christians Bake His Cakes

  1. Everyone wants attention. Sheesh.

  2. So idiotic! And the after school program! I’d like to know how well they’re doing… are parents aware that its a program promoting satanism?? I heard that the program promotes “science” and “free thinking”… (rolling my eyes so much, all you see is white)

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