Congratulations Alabama. You were heard loud and clear. And, you are getting what you asked for. But then, I know you are aware of the “be careful what you asked for” cliché. In many regards, this applies to the Alabamians who voted for Jones.

I have to ask, did any of you who voted for Jones, go to his website and see what he stands for? That alone should have stopped you.

Jones talks of morality, but he is pro-abortion. He has a problem with someone accused of sexual misconduct, but has no problem with killing a fetus for the convenience of the … “carrier.”

He supports modifying the “three strikes law” for some who “perhaps” can lead a “productive” life as an alternative to life in prison. I’m wondering how many “strikes” are needed in order to ascertain someone is a criminal who chooses not to reform?

Jones supports reform by reducing prison time … for people of color because … they make up the highest percent of individuals (within their race) in prisons. So instead of tightening laws and community outreach programs … he is going to give criminals of color (“of color” are his words) lighter sentences to get them in and out and “save tax money.” I would be more concerned about “saving lives,” but, that’s just me.

He states, “More spending on education could be less spending on prisons.” I wonder how that works? Apparently, Jones is not sure, either … since he using the speculative word … “could.”

Jones is pro-Obama Care. He believes no woman should be denied coverage of services based on the religious beliefs of her employer. What that means is … yes … an employer has to provide for abortions and birth control needs, whether this is in his/her religious beliefs or not.

He was against withdrawing from the Paris Accord. That means more regulations, stunting job growth, expensive solar panels, and ugly, small, electric cars.

But … that is only a little bit of what awaits Alabamians. Understand … those who supported Doug Jones, are not getting some guy named Doug Jones.

They have elected Barack Obama and New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker. Doug Jones is the mere puppet who will nod his head and shake hands with his constituents. That … is where it will end. It will be Obama and Booker who pull the strings that make Doug Jones dance. It will be their bills that Jones may write and co-write or support. It will be their words spoken and not the thoughts of Doug Jones.

Congratulations, Alabama … you have just elected a puppet … a shell of a man who is no more than what Obama and Booker want him to be. They own him. He doesn’t work for you. He works for them. And … have no doubt … they will remind him of that every day.

Congratulations Alabama … the trojan horse has now entered the building.


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Debbie Barth: 12/13/2017 at 3:53pm EDT
© All rights reserved


  1. So, he won after all. I’ve been out of touch all day. I wonder if voters missed the memo that said one of Moore’s accusers admit to faking the signature. Want that enough to give then pause? Foolish people.

    • . . . Wasn’t that enough to give them pause? . . .

    • It’s my opinion they didn’t get the memo … or bother doing any homework of the Obama/Booker shell-puppet. Just going by his website and reading what he stands for, should have been enough to over-ride their convenient “moral issues” which have never actually been proven to be true. They could have elected him (Moore) for two years … found a Republican to run in a couple of years … without the issues a candidate like Moore brings … and kept the seat Republican, in order to help President Trump for that term he is in office. This is clearly, a stop backwards … not forward.

  2. Agreed 100%!!!
    We need to pay close attention to this, and fully understand what just happened.
    He’s just going to be a lame duck obstructionist, but will cause as much damage as he can while he’s there, in hope that the Deep State actually succeeds.
    With much help, Blacks crawled out of everywhere to vote this time. Obama-underground is pushing the racist agenda, and firing up their followers. They’re counting on the angry blacks, illegals, and brainscrambled millennials to turn the red States blue. The thing we should fear the most, is the Deep State’s obstruction, control of media and education, and relentless smear tactics. Obama is going to stop at NOTHING to bring Trump down. They’ve got people EVERYWHERE. There’s NOTHING they won’t do to win. Trump has the means to send a 300 year globalist agenda, back to the Stone age. Others have tried. It never ended well. This hasn’t begun to get ugly yet. The most important thing we need to do, is immediately form the MAGA Party. Us Boomer’s won’t be here forever. It is essential that we become palatable to millennial conservatives, if there is such a thing. We also MUST expose the Dems for what they are. Crooks, liars, phonys, hypocrites, SLAVE OWNERS! Trump, Carson, and state representatives need to get their happy assess into the inner cities, and move some mountains! Prove to them they’ve been nothing but vote slaves. “Useful idiots” kept dependant, misinformed, and angry. Fix stuff!
    Also have to slow down immigration.
    We have 1…ONE year! If we don’t flush the toilet, we will lose the House and Senate in 2018, and the WH in 2020! Once that happens, we’re done. We’ll lose our base, electoral college, and our FREEDOM.
    My opinion, but there’s no dispute it’s right where this is going. May God Bless America.

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