It’s Only A Poem, Alan M. Dershowitz

Alan M. Dershowitz. I admire you … but … you are smart enough to know that the Emma Lazarus poem (and only a few lines from the original) was just that … A POEM!

She was asked to write “A” poem for a fundraiser to obtain money for the pedestal of which the Statue of Liberty Stands.

The POEM was not a part of the statue, given to us by the French. In 1903, a few lines of “The New Colossus” poem were engraved on a bronze plaque and mounted inside the pedestal’s lower level, AFTER she died because of her friends … and, at others … insistence … in her honor.

This “Lazarus” liberal argument is as old as the biblical Lazarus. It’s a tireless, baseless argument. The words are a few lines from a poem. It is NOT a law … a declaration … or a directive.

It may even, NOT, reflect the general consensus of the American people, at the time. It is impossible to know what the consensus was. There were no polls (accurate or false) … no T.V. …. no Social Media … where Americans actually spoke their minds. The Newspapers did that for them. This poem reflects how Emma Lazarus felt.

The few lines of this poem do NOT say to by-pass Ellis Island … come in illegally … bring your family members … forget about learning our language or respecting our laws … and, we will take care of your financially.

Yes, Alan M. Dershowitz … you are a brilliant man … and I respect you … until you bring up this baseless argument, in order to bask in your warm and fuzzy self … and, remind me that … yes … you are also still a liberal.

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Debbie Barth: 1/13/2018 at 3:03pm EDT
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3 responses to “It’s Only A Poem, Alan M. Dershowitz

  1. I had to Go ogle it; I think the poem to which you refer is The New Colossus. (I’m a Brit: pardon my ignorance).

    But who is this Dershowitz who’s so rattled you? What did he say, what did he do?

    Enquiring minds* want to know!

    *Well, this one does, anyway 🙂

    • Yes, it is The New Colossus, as I stated in this blog. I appreciate your comment and I think … should you read the blog … you will see the point I was making. I did go by your blog concerning the moon, the eclipse, our intelligence … and coincidence or not. I bet you could write a very interesting blog (I mean this sincerely) on whether there really is such a thing as coincidence … as it pertains to relationships, and daily events.

      • I read your blog post again and I have to admit I’m still none the wiser. As I said before, I’m a Brit: I think I lack the background (here we are, divided by a common language!) to understand the point you’re making.

        On coincidence: I’m not so sure I could write such a post, though I thank you for the vote of confidence. Coincidence is a very slippery animal!

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