According to the National Child Abuse Coalition.org, below are two impacts of child abuse.  I should know.  I experienced them.

  • Child abuse and neglect impede the brain’s development and have long-term consequences for cognitive, language, and academic abilities.
  • The emotional effects of abuse and neglect can contribute to low self-esteem, depression, and relationship difficulties.

I know that I initially made very good grades in schools … and, then … I wasn’t.  I remember my elementary school so much more vividly than any other grade-level.  I remember the smells in the class rooms of chalk, crayons, and books.  I remember sitting with schoolmates in the cafeteria, making faces … swapping foods …and, the chatter.  I remember running in the playground, playing Red Rover …sharing secrets with friends … and, the laughter.

I don’t remember, however … the exact date … it stopped.  I don’t remember the date I started making average grades (if that good.)  I don’t remember when the school became less a place of learning, games, fun and friendships, and more of a place of solace and retreat.

I don’t remember when I stopped wanting to share … “secrets” with my friends.  I can’t remember when I felt more in control, when alone.  I can’t remember when I started feeling inadequate or taking offense at anything someone said … and, striking back at them … often, much to their surprise.  I can’t remember the date I placed an invisible shield around me.

I do remember … it wasn’t long after … the sexual abuse started.

Ref:  https://nationalchildabusecoalition.org

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Debbie Barth: 8/30/2018 at 5:52 pm ET

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