Meet Debbie Barth

Yours Truly Debbie Barth

Debbie Barth has just published her children’s book, “The Promise Book; Tell Someone.”  This book is the key to vehicle allowing parents to talk with their children about child predators in a way that does not frighten, intimidate, or confuse them. The book is short, with simple text and beautiful pictures, illustrated by well-known children’s illustrator, Pat Marvenko Smith.  The book is available at and her website,


Debbie Barth is also an Ambassador for India Hicks, the very finest in bags, jewelry, and other accessories.  India Hicks is truly for the woman who dresses as if she … “rules the world.”  Shop now at  As your personal Ambassador, Debbie is available for questions or suggestion about India Hicks.  She also invites you to join her “tribe” and to become a part of this amazing company!

Debbie hosts her own show at On The Grid Internet Talk Radio. She has also shared the air waves with her co-host, Linda J. Alexander, at Three Wise Girls.  You can listen to all of her shows at On The Grid Internet Talk Radio … ON DEMAND … by click this link:


Learn more about Debbie at  Debbie is also on Twitter and she is in LinkedIn.

She is also a lifetime global member of Women’s eCommerce Association International (WECAI).

2 responses to “Meet Debbie Barth

  1. Debbie Barth is such a fantastic writer and Facebook friend. When people give their comments whether she agrees or not, she never intimidates anyone, and is true to her beliefs. Must get the book for my granddaughter, Maggie and my young nieces. It is written by Ms. Barth and beautifully illustrated by Pat M. Smith. Debbie always has a nice comment to express on her Facebook following. I marvel at her knowledge and her accomplishments. Her sunny smile lights up a room and hope one day to meet her in person. Kudos, dear Debbie. Iris M. Cooper

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