Meet Debbie Barth

Welcome To My World!

Debbie loves networking, meeting people, and promoting those whom she has come into contact, and with whom she has the utmost confidence.  This blog is about some of those people, about everyday life and experiences … what makes her jump for joy … and what makes her  “madder than a hornet’s nest” (an old Texas saying).  It’s about saying what she really thinks when perhaps others will not. 

It is as multi-dimensional as Debbie is herself.  And, as everyone who knows Debbie is well aware of, you never quite know what you are going to get.  You will find people and places … and “things” that Debbie will highly recommend.  You will read her thoughts on politics (and she isn’t shy.)

And, you can count on some sarcasm from time to time, laced with Debbie’s perception of humor.  

Debbie welcomes you to her world, and is humbled and delighted you took the time to drop by and leave a comment.  She wishes all a monster successful day, each and every day.

Debbie hosts her own show at On The Grid Internet Talk Radio. She has also shared the air waves with her co-host, Linda J. Alexander, at Three Wise Girls.

She is also a lifetime global member of Women’s eCommerce Association International (WECAI).

Learn more about Debbie at

You can listen to all of her shows at On The Grid Internet Talk Radio … ON DEMAND … by click this link:

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