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This one is for all the … Christians … who are “praying” for us, horrible, heartless, people who are against illegal immigration and want our borders safe and secure.

From one Christian … to another…

You are going to pray for all of us who are against illegal immigration?  Because of people like … you … I will pray for my country. You are blaming America because of the separation of children from those who are trying to come into our country … illegally?

Of the 12,000 immigrant children being housed right now … according to DHS … 10,000 of those children were sent here in the company of coyotes, strangers, or … the older ones … alone.

The parents sent them here! It is the parents who disgust me! They know they are illegally crossing the border. They are subjecting their children to this. America is doing the best it can to protect, cloth, and feed these children.

The parents must know of the dangers of allowing their children to travel hundreds of miles in the company of gang members, coyotes, rapists, and murders. But … they still allow them to go.

The children are not much safer, even if the parents accompany them.

YES … it is stomach churning to hear the cries of these children.  But, it is the Globalist, and the Democrats who should be ashamed of themselves for using these children as pawns … in order to get illegals into this country … to raise voter count.

It is the parents of these children who should be ashamed of themselves for using their own children as pawns to get into America … in front of those who are standing in queue to come to this country … legally.

And, it is the hypocrites who feign outrage (and, those who mean it) who make me … just as sick.  I doubt if even one … has taken in a family of illegals … given over their home … sent an immigrant child to school, let alone college.

Who would seriously allow an unknown, even with a small child … to come into their home? Who would let someone who they have never met … walk in and make themselves at home?

Who would subject their own children to people whom they know nothing about?  Who would leave your children … alone with complete strangers?  After all … they are supposed to be really nice people.

And … I would ask all these wonderful, bleeding heart liberals … who … have such a “good heart” … how many homeless veterans have you taken it? Given them a room in your home? How many American babies have you adopted? How many American children have you taken in and are supporting … sending them to school … helping them financially.

We have a lot of Americans who need help. Why aren’t you helping them … first?

Lastly, would you put the welfare of your neighbor’s child before your very own?

I have a feeling I know the answers to those questions.

Yes … the cries of the children are sickening.  So are the cries of American children who need help.

Yes … someone is to blame for this. It is primarily, their parents who are to blame … not America.

And, while those good Christians, who are selling out America to illegal immigration, are praying for our cruel hearts … this Christian will be praying … for America!


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Debbie Barth: 6/18/2018 at 10:32 pm EDT

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Meet the Satanist Who Demands Christians Bake His Cakes

Meet Douglas Mesner, from Detroit, Michigan … aka … Lucien Greaves … a self-professed “Satanist” who is suggesting that his “followers” demand Christians bake cakes, with “satanic themes,” for their cult celebrations.  I am assuming the “Devil’s Food Cake” would be most popular with this group.  I believe this demand really has more to do with Greaves’ misguided greed for some sort of sick and perverse power.  Of course, a financial “windfall” from a civil lawsuit by the so-called “Satanist” is probably a motivator, as well.  And … the fact the Greaves could be responsible for ruining the livelihood of a Christian … would be the … icing … on his cake.

He is also encouraging LGBT rights supporters to order Satan-themed cakes from bakers who oppose same-sex marriage because of their religious beliefs.  I frankly find that an insult to the LGBT supporters, simply because … it implies that none of them believe in God, and … all … are Satanist.

I am not sure which is an uglier, scary thought … his face … or the fact that he is the “leader/founder” of the Satanic Temple (with a small following) … and, that he has 12K followers (at least “like”) his page, in Facebook.

I agree with Tucker Carlson that this person is … probably … no more than a bitter, hate-filled, individual who led an unhappy life, filled with rejection.  More than likely, his only way of dealing with the fate life has dealt him … was to create a “persona” that would draw people to him, who had similar unhappy experiences, and/or lack of self-esteem.

Greaves is also the co-founder and spokesperson for the After School Satan program created in 2016 by The Satanic Temple.  So, parents … seriously … you may want to take more notice of the after-school programs offered by your local schools.

So … this is Douglas Mesnar …   Doug from Detroit, Mi. … using the self-esteem issues of others and, those whose social culture differ from others …  to promote his own sick hatred for a God, for whom … he holds nothing but contempt.  There will no picture shown of “Doug,” in this blog.  I feel “unclean” enough, just writing about him.  As far as his suggestion to harass Christian bakery owners and to demand they bake “Satanic-themed” cakes … let him bake his own cake.  And … I hope he chokes on it.


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Debbie Barth: 09/30/2017 at 5:58pm EDT
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