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Stephanie Wilkinson and Maxine Waters: Why America Should Be Concerned

Last Friday night, Stephanie Wilkinson booted Sarah Huckabee Sanders out of her Lexington, Virginia restaurant … The Red Hen.

My thought is that, at one point, she did mention her migrant works (did that mean … illegal workers?) following up, later, with using … only … her gay staff … and … her Gay staff’s feelings, concerning the band on Transgenders in the military, as her excuse for her nasty behavior towards Sanders and … anyone … who works in President Trump’s administration.

In my opinion, it was a lame excuse for rudeness by the owner, Stephanie Wilkinson. There was certainly … no excuse for her running out into the street, later … yelling at Sanders and her family, after they had left The Red Hen.  She, according to Mike Huckabee, Sarah’s father, called people on her phone and created a scene.  I wonder what her excuse is about that.

It is a very lame excuse, concerning “gays” attitude about Trans in military. Firstly … some of my gay friends do not like being grouped with Trans … so, not all gays feel … anything … about the Trans. Maybe her staff does, but certainly not all gays.

Secondly, the concern about Transgenders enlisting in the military has to do with the “readiness” of the individual … and … how it affects the safety of his fellow soldiers.

These individuals would need medical treatments — hormone therapies and, often, surgeries and the accompanying recovery times … throughout the duration of their service. On this basis alone, under existing rules applicable to all, they would not be allowed to join … unless, the actual surgery happened years before enlistment.  And, even then … there are medical requirements, on a continuing basis.

People don’t seem to get that there are, requirements that everyone … has to meet. Branches may differ … ie. some will not take individuals who have no high school diploma … or people who are extremely overweight … or have a record of mental illness. So, are the Gays upset about THOSE requirements?  Maybe there should be a “people with flat-feet” march. There was a time, may there still is, that people with flat feet would not be excepted.

The progressive left has completely replaced logic with emotion and agenda.

 My point is this. There is NO logical or factual basis for Stephanie Wilkinson’s gay staff to feel uncomfortable with Sanders & family dining in her restaurant. She may feel uncomfortable about some of her kitchen staff … if they are, indeed, illegal.

And … there is no excuse for this woman’s disrespect to Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her family … none!

Conservatives, everywhere should be outraged … and very concerned.

And, now … Maxine Waters is calling for the left to follow anyone from President Trumps administration … into restaurants, gas stations … and, even their HOMES … and … harass them … until they resign.

The left has become the Nazis in America. They will not stop unless ALL Conservatives … yield and conform to their ideology … or … we … stop … them … first.  Yes, Conservatives should be very concerned.

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 Debbie Barth: 6/25/2018 at 7:06 pm EDT

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