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Family Dance? No Thanks, I’m Sitting This One Out

Just one more way to erode the parental role of parents, in this case … the father.  Instead of “changing the name from Father-Daughter” dance to “Family” dance … how about working on emphasizing the importance of having a father … in a child’s life.

Yes, it is sad to see  someone at a “dance” without a Father with whom to dance … but … the real tragedy is that same someone doesn’t have a Father … in … her … life.

THAT is what needs to be addressed … instead of continuing the devaluation of Motherhood and Fatherhood … with a “Family” Dance.

Family dance?   How about doing a “little dance” on the head of all the deadbeat fathers who think impregnating women is sport … and makes him “a man.”

Meanwhile … for all of the responsible fathers, who understand the enormous responsibility of being a “father” … let them (and, their fortunate young daughters) … have their dance.



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People Have a Right to Protest – No Matter How Hypocritical

 People have a right to protest. They have a right to assemble peacefully.  Sometimes it helps to bring change.  And sometimes, it brings out the hypocrisy of people demanding center stage, and having no clue what to say and why they are really there.  That is exactly what I think of the “Women’s March” today. 

 A “war on women?”.  How misguided and hypocritical can people be!  If these people want to know what a “war on women” … truly is … they need to talk with Ayann Hirsi Ali.  This woman was caught in a “war on women” and, in comparison … it makes these fools look small and petty.

 They should read her books:

Infidel: My Life, Heretic -Why Islam Needs a Reformation Now-The Caged Virgin-Nomad: From Islam to America

 The people participating in this march have no clue what a “war on women” really is.  They have no clue why they were even there.  In fact, many were paid.

And, the irony is, these people don’t even realize that they are pawns of the Organizational leaders … from Planned Parenthood, to Gloria Steinem … that are using them to hang onto, even a shred, of relevancy.

 Yes, they have a right to protest and to assemble peacefully … no matter how misguided and hypocritical they are.  It is … after all … America.

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Judge Curiel and The Case For Trump

This is a lawsuit between Trump and plaintiffs against Trump University. It is NOT, for crying out loud … a NATIONAL suit, nor is it a matter of national security. The faked outrage is ludicrous!

I would ask the people trying to make this an issue … if your son or daughter was being sued by the parents of a young girl who died in a car accident while riding in the car of this young man or woman … suspected of texting before the accident … and the Presiding Judge … had … just lost his daughter in a similar accident … don’t you believe the lawyers for the defendant would be screaming for the Judge to recuse himself?!

It is the Defendants duty to his/her client(s) to scrutinize the Presiding Judge in every way possible, securing a FAIR judgement.

Judge Curiel may be born in Indiana … but he is of Mexican Heritage who was a member of the LaRaza Bar Association of Lawyers. He is no longer a member … NOT because he felt he needed to in order to at least appear to be unbiased … But … only … because in order to accept his appointment as a District Judge … he was required to give up membership. The plaintiff’s lawyers are devout supporters of the Democratic Party and have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to H. Clinton for speeches.

Judge Curiel has friendly ties with the head of Univision (which Trump sued).

The main plaintiff, a woman … was ordered to step out of the suit because … there were several previous glowing endorsements of Trump University made by her.

There are thousands of letters and endorsements submitted by satisfied students of Trump University.

In lieu of this woman having to step out of this suit and the amount of endorsements that have come to light … this Judge … SHOULD have thrown this case out, but did not.

Donald J. Trump has every right to want this Judge to recuse himself, and his reasons are valid.

Anyone saying otherwise simply has an agenda to take Trump down by any means, valid or not … or … they are being hypocritical if they are saying that they would not scrutinize the Judge presiding their case. And, the defendant’s lawyers would be remiss.

Bottom line … this is nothing more that BS. And, since when is it RACIST to call a Mexican … Mexican??

Anybody falling for this crap should be ashamed of themselves this is ridiculous. Everybody … back to your safe-spaces!


Once again Americans woke up this morning to another terrorist attack, this time … in Brussels, which is a region of Belgium.

As of the time of this blog, it has been reported that 31 people have been killed and 187 people have been injured in two explosions at the Brussels’ airport and, one explosion at the Metro Station.  As time goes on, sadly, the death toll may increase.

ISIS has apparently taken claim for these attacks.  There are reports from various news agencies indicating that this attack may have been planned far in advance, but, was carried out ahead of plan, in retaliation for the capture of terrorist Salah Abdeslam. (Wanted in the Paris attacks on 13 November 2015.)

And, then, here in America … is the explosive remark detonated by Ted Cruz against Donald Trump.

While Cruz did not directly blame Trump for the terrorist attack in Brussels (He would have if he could have had more notice, I’m sure.), Cruz did say the following. “It is striking the day after Donald Trump called for America … weakening from NATO … we see Brussels … where Nato is headquartered, the subject of an Islam terrorist attack.”

He went further and said that “Donald Trump is wrong that America should withdraw from the world and abandon our allies. Donald Trump is wrong that American should retreat from Europe, retreat from NATO, hand Putin a major victory and while he’s at it hand ISIS a major victory,” Cruz said.”

I find it not surprising, but despicable of Ted Cruz to use this moment to talk about Trump, rather than to simply send a message of condolences and solidarity to the people of Brussels … this … without … making a political statement.

Cruz said that it was wrong of Trump to work forward to “withdraw” from NATO.  And … that Trump wants to weaken NATO.

I find it typical of “Lying Ted” to make a political statement about Donald J. Trump that is absolutely false.

Now Hear This!  “Lying Cruz” alert!  This NOT what Trump said, or meant.

What Trump said … and meant … is that NATO is not carrying its weight.  NATO depends heavily on America, financially, with America adding so much more help, financially, than any other country that is a part of NATO.  Trump is calling for NATO to do its share financially.  Would he use this at a “bargaining power” for America to stay in NATO?  Absolutely, he should … in my humble opinion.   And, we know that he is the best negotiator of all negotiators.

And, we know that Ted Cruz is the best liar … of … well.  And, yes, that is my humble opinion, based on lie after lie, after lie.

Utahns are headed for the polls tonight, and I am sure that the terrorist attacks in Brussels, hours ago, will be on their minds.  I’m sure that the safety of this country will be on their minds.  I can only hope that when they hear Ted Cruz speak of building a wall and (as of today) there should be a halt on visas and we need to stop the influx of refugees coming into America … that Utahns will remember that it was Donald J Trump that said this first … “when it wasn’t cool.”

And, that Ted Cruz … hours after the terrorist attacks in Brussels, used this terrible tragedy to launch a political attack on Donald J. Trump, by detonating false accusations.


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Last night, during Megyn Kelly’s Town Hall … I had an epiphany, of sorts. (This is where we flash back to last night.)

I turned off Megyn Kelly just after her “smug” intro and right after Cruz came on, because … well … I can only take so much smugness and hypocrisy in ten minutes.

I did flip back and caught a little of Kasich. Not excited about him, but I like him more than I did from the beginning. I think he is an honest man. However, he couldn’t hold my interest.

I finally flipped the channel back and was fortunate to hear most of what Dr. Ben Carson had to say. Now, it is no secret … I am a Trumpian …I belong in the first wave that came out as a Trumpian, when it wasn’t … cool. But … I do have the highest respect for Dr. Ben Carson.

I felt that he was brilliant tonight and that he had one of his best nights that I have seen. I could see the crowd behind him nodding, smiling, agreeing with him … and being pulled in by his honesty and his articulation of his principles … and THEN it came to me … Donald Trump is also … brilliant, and this was well-played. Trump did a good thing by NOT attending Kelly’s Town Hall in Houston, tonight. And here is why.

Texas is probably Cruz’s to lose. It is his state. He has the former Governor (Perry) and the current Governor (Abbott) endorsing him. And, he is ahead … even before the Town Hall.

Will it hurt Trump by not attending (whatever the reason)? I think the real question is how much. And, I don’t think that it will hurt him that much. Real Trumpians are fiercely loyal. This Town Hall will not change their mind.

And, his absence gave Dr. Ben Carson more time to shine. And, shine, he did.

Now, Carson and Trump are the two extremes of personality and delivery. After tonight, those who had not decided … before … tonight and were considering Cruz, but were concerned about the dirty tricks coming out of Cruz’s camp … were presented the alternative, tonight. And that … is Dr. Ben Carson.

With Trump not attending tonight, Dr. Ben Carson was able to shine, answer the questions, and show this audience why he shouldn’t be counted out as of yet. Dr. Carson, in my opinion, was able to take some of Cruz’s votes, tonight. (Only supposition, on my part … but, anyway)

And, that amount of votes that Carson might have been able to pick up won’t hurt Trump, BUT … could very well end up hurting Cruz. If Carson is successful enough to take enough votes away from Cruz (after tonight) …. Trump … may have his fourth win.

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One of my Facebook friends asked me a great question in my On The Grid and Off The Grid Group. I had posted a blog, yesterday, commenting that during the South Carolina debate last week; Donald J Trump should have mentioned his sister, Senior Circuit Court Judge, Maryanne Trump Barry and explained why he would not nominate her to the Supreme Court, if elected President.

Michael asked, and made a good point, whether or not that might actually hurt Trump, based on his sister’s leanings … in particular, the partial birth abortion ruling against banning said abortions. (July 27, 2000).

I love questions that can bring out the “rest of the story” and distinguish fact from fiction.

She is a Republican. She is one tough Circuit Court Judge that has proven command over her court. She ruled against (by not allowing plea bargains) two detectives that were protecting drug dealers, and they received jail terms. She ruled over and put away Mafia crime bosses. In my opinion, she sounds a little like a female Attorney General Bobby Kennedy. Only, she is Presbyterian and not Catholic. Still, they both have famous brothers.

Her ruling on partial birth abortion was actually more involved in the decision-making process than the opposition, and certain media outlets would have you know. They love to tell you half-truths. Those half-truths that fit into their agenda. The media does not give credit to the American public for researching beyond the words of the “media darlings’, and finding out that there is much more to the story.

And, here is the rest of that story:

She ruled against the ban on partial abortion because the original 1997 New Jersey law was too general in language and disregarded any potential danger to the mother that could arise from the pregnancy.

There were no protections for the mother in this law that would have protected her, should the abortion need to be done in order to save a mother’s life and/or if the mother’s health was in dire jeopardy. But the media, instead, would have you believe that she approved of babies being yanked from a mother’s womb, at partial birth … for selfish convenience.

I am pro-life, make no mistake about that. But … I understand Judge Barry’s decision more clearly by going further; and, doing my research, before casting out disparaging remarks that are baseless in content. It apparently was not that Judge Barry was completely for partial birth abortions at all … it had more to do with the looseness and generalities in the 1997 New Jersey law that would, by definition, allow the possible murder (a death that could have also been stopped) of a mother … perhaps with children already and a husband, due to a pregnancy that had gone terribly wrong.

My last thought regarding that great question by Michael was … had Jeb Bush “thrown” Barry’s court decision in Trump’s face … that would have been a great time for Trump to say that … he is not his sister … and Jeb is not his brother, George.

So, that is the rest of the story, concerning Senior Circuit Court Judge Maryanne Trump Barry’s decision on partial birth abortion. The media … is overruled and the jury is ordered to (ok … asked to review first) disregard that remark.
Here is the New York Times article that I use in reference to this comment:


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Once upon a time, there was a little house that stood between two huge buildings. And … it stood … and it stood. And … it went to court to prove … that it could.

But to hear Ted Cruz tell the story … the big bad wolf (Donald Trump), blew that little house down and the little old lady inside … lost her home.

Now … for the adults in the room … here is the real story.

Ted Cruz would have you believe that Trump had a little old lady’s house torn down via eminent domain, and that she was left homeless … all, for the sake of building parking lots for limousines.

The true story is that she … Vera Coking … and her husband bought the home for $20,000.

Nine years later, she was offered 1M from Bob Guccione (Penthouse magazine publisher). She turned that down.

He (Bob Guccione) built his casino around her house. However, he eventually ran out of money. That was in the 70s.

Then in 1993 … Enter Trump. When Coking refused to sell to Trump, the city of Atlantic City condemned her house, using the power of eminent domain. Her designated compensation was to be $251,000. The Courts ruled in Coking’s favor. SHE WAS NEVER FORCED TO LEAVE HER HOME.. She did, however, eventually move to an assisting living facility, to be closer to her grandson.
Her grandson eventually tried to sell the house, putting it on the market in 2011 with an initial asking price of $5 million. The price was reduced to $1 million, but it still did not sell. The property was finally sold for $530,000, at auction.
This is the true story.

There was no “poor” widowed woman, who was forced out of her home. In my opinion, had she been a smart business woman, she would have taken the money offered, initially, bought a much nicer home, and put the rest of the money into her savings. But, that was her choice, and only her choice to make. And, the court also sided with her, so she stayed in her home.
What is being left out of this story is the amount of jobs that were not had because she would not sell. And, the amount of revenue that would have come back to the city, had she sold.

No matter what one thinks of Trump. (He has spoken the truth and made no apologies.) or what one thinks of eminent domain (keep in mind, those of you that are in favor of the Keystone pipeline … eminent domain will play a big part) … it cannot be disputed that Cruz did accuse Trump of running a little old lady out of her home in order to build parking spaces for limousines, on prime-time television.

The only thing that got built here … was one big fabrication … by Ted Cruz.


Feb 1, 2016 @ 15:53

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