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Fear Of Our Father: A True Story Of Abuse, Murder And Family Ties

FEAR OF OUR FATHER LISA BONNICE STACEY M KANANEN 406 X 531I always strive to make each show I do a little different from the last show I’ve done … and from … the next show that I will be doing. I believe the show; on Saturday … July 27, 2013 … exemplifies that on so many different levels.

I am sure that this particular show did make most of my listeners somewhat uncomfortable …. and, may even have made some of my listeners … squirm. The topic was not a new topic per se …. and, it is one that many are, in fact … talking about. But on that day … I do hope that I did turn up the volume a couple of notches. That … with the help of my two wonderful guests callers … Lisa Bonnice and Stacy M. Kananen , co-authors of the book …FEAR OF OUR FATHER.

Below is an excerpt from my opening monologue:

“Today we are talking about sexual abuse and we are talking about physical abuse. Oh, I know … already … someone one is saying … wait a minute … what about mental abuse. My response to that is simply … how can one be sexually and/or physically abused without it abusing one mentally?

I know that there are statistics out there claiming that child molestation, sexual abuse and physical abuse is rampant and it is on the rise. However, statics are simply information that has been compiled based on available data. This is a problem that I believe is much worse than any available statistics. Child molestation, sexual abuse … and physical abuse is a crime. It is a crime of stigma …of shame … and … for the most part … it is an invisible crime. No … not for the abuser, but for the abused! This has got to stop!

I say to the ABUSER … if you have any remorse in what you have done or in what you are doing ….tell someone and get help … before you do any more harm. I say to the ABUSER who has no remorse or feels no regret, may you burn in hell. You are, in fact a murderer and a robber … you steal and you kill the very soul of a child.

I say to the Parents, brothers, sisters, Aunts, Uncles, cousins, neighbors, friends … who automatically reject the claims of abuse by someone … or simply look the other way out of fear of retaliation … or they don’t want to feel uncomfortable at “family gatherings” …. shame on you. YOU might be the very person to help save and change someone’s life. Please … at least consider what I am trying to say.

I say to the ABUSED … you are NOT alone. If you only knew how many others were going through what you are going through, then perhaps it would help to empower you to be the one … who is speaking out … rather than the one …. waiting for someone else to speak out.”     Debbie Barth July 27, 2013

This show has been archived and the link to the show is:

The name of the book that we discussed that morning is Fear of Our Father …. co-authored by Lisa Bonnice and Stacey M. Kananen. Stacey’s story is one of physical, sexual … and mental abuse … so horrific, it not only decimates an entire family, and encourages family betrayal … it ends in the brutal murder of two people. Actually for Stacey, the murder of her parents wasn’t really the end …but … the beginning of a new kind of terror.

This true story demonstrates abuse at its very worst and the horrific consequences and events derived from that abuse. However, child molestation and physical abuse are devastating for the abused/victim on any level. It not only tears entire families apart … it destroys one’s soul.

It is time for us all, as a society … to bring the abusers out of their dark holes of invisibility and comfort and expose to the world what they really are. It is time for us all … as a society … to rally around the abused … the true victims … and let them know they are loved, their abuse validated, and that there are many who will listen … and, who will fight for them to get them out of those situations. If we seriously want to make changes in this great country, for the better … this is a great place to start.

The link to the archived show …. “FEAR OF OUR FATHER: True Story of Abuse, Murder, & Family ….