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The Cheesecake Factory Just Added A Little Hate to Their Menu

We know that so much of the sumptuous cheesecakes and entrées, served at The Cheesecake Factory are, frankly, not good for you … but, who knew the people serving the food could be bad for your health, as well.

At least, that seems to be the case at The Cheesecake Factory … located at Dadeland Mall in Miami, Fl.

Eugenior Joseph, 22, a black supporter of President Trump was dining with his family, while wearing a MAGA hat.  According to him … and, witnesses … a dozen employees circled his table and starting pointing their fingers at him.  Some were heard making threatening comments, saying they were going to “knock his head so hard it would make his hat fall off.”

Police were called to the scene.

People across party lines should be offended by the actions of those employees.  No one should want their freedom of expression to be suppressed.  If those who oppose President Trump don’t think the very same thing could happen to them, one day … they are sadly mistaken.

Something else to consider … if the employees would do that to a customer … in front of other customers … I wonder what the staff in the kitchen are doing to the food being served a customer with which they do not agree.

In my opinion, the people who did those should be fired.  And, perhaps, The Cheesecake Factory should close all of it’s stores, for a day and hold … “Sensitivity Classes.”

And … I would love to see the good people in Miami … come together … organize … and, pay a visit to that particular restaurant, wearing … ever so proudly … their red MAGA hats.  Yes, I would love to see nothing but a red sea of Trump support.  And … maybe … that particular day … our awesome “Bikers for Trump” should show up, too.


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Missouri state Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nada Calls for President’s Assassination; The Real Picture of Hate and Violence

Is this representative of the people whom we are sending to Washington to represent and “help” make our country better?

Missouri State Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadall called for our President’s assassination in a Facebook comment (of which she has now deleted).  This is the picture of a sad, sick, individual, IMHO … calling not for peace and unity, or trying to help better this country in a bi-partisan way, but encouraging violence and using hate-filled speech.  The kind of hate-speech that leftist groups are supposedly fighting against.  The leftist groups that go to rallies with no permit, bringing bats and pepper-spray with which to subdue the right to free speech of those with which they disagree.

This is the real picture of violence, bigotry, and hate-filled rhetoric.  Someone sent her to Washington.  For the sake of this country, someone needs to do better, come next election time.

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