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I am no fan of Putin (although he did make Obama look like a wus), and I do agree that there are, more than likely, many reason for sanctions against Russia. But … as far as Russia interfering with this election … where is the proof? In the eight years that Obama has had to retaliate against Russia … he chooses now … and … something with no concrete evidence? (And, really … the “sanctions” are pretty lame.) Actually, about as lame as Obama telling Putin to, “Cut it out.” (How embarrassing.)

Where is the proof that Russia is responsible for the hacking during the election?

Julian Assange has said it was NOT Russia.

Now, for those that are saying why believe Assange? Because, if you have posted in support, and believed everything else that Assange has said, previously … then, wouldn’t it be hypocritical, and shortsighted, to not believe Assange, concerning this? Maybe we could call that … “convenient faith.”

And … here’s the hypocritical part (really So “Obama”) Seriously Obama, it is beneath other countries to “interfere” with a country’s election?? Seriously? Am I the only one who remembers Israel’s 2015 election … and Obama’s interference?


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 Debbie Barth: 12/29/2016 at 8:37:01 pm EDT
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Last Friday, protesters tried to block the Presidential front-runner, Donald Trump, from making a speech before the Republican Party Convention in the Hyatt Regency hotel in Burlingame, California.

They chanted obscenities and threw raw eggs at police.  They chanted obscenities and threw objects at Trump supporters.  They called Trump a bigot and a racist.  Their presence threatened the thousands of Trump supporters, simply trying to exercise their right to freedom of speech by attending the Trump rally.

Ironically there were protesters that were clearly not from America, and … who could barely speak English, crying out “This is not America.”

And, as most people, who actually watch the news and read know … many of these protesters were there simply … to earn a pay check.  Most were disrespectful and clearly had no idea what or why they were protesting.  One wonders how many of the protesters (and I use this term loosely) were actually illegals.  What was evident is that they were acting like caged wild animals, foaming from the side of their mouths, with no respect for others … and it would seem … for themselves.

And, the fact is … with all the ranting, chanting and raving … they did not achieve their goal, quite the contrary.  They may have actually helped to show Americans the bravery, the conviction, and the genuine leadership of Donald J. Trump.

Mr. Trump, along with the Trump Team, took a different route, stopped their vehicles off the side of a major highway – jumped down three feet, went through a cut opened fence, walked across a ravine, went down a service road, and walked through the doors via the back door … all while protestors chanted obscenities, stomped the American flag and acted like complete goons.

In the face of opposition, danger, and obstructions, Donald J. Trump reminded the American public what fortitude, courage and strength of character looks like.

Indeed, they huffed and they puffed, but they could not blow Donald J. Trump down.

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 Debbie Barth: 5/01/2016 at 6:37 pm EDT
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Last night, during Megyn Kelly’s Town Hall … I had an epiphany, of sorts. (This is where we flash back to last night.)

I turned off Megyn Kelly just after her “smug” intro and right after Cruz came on, because … well … I can only take so much smugness and hypocrisy in ten minutes.

I did flip back and caught a little of Kasich. Not excited about him, but I like him more than I did from the beginning. I think he is an honest man. However, he couldn’t hold my interest.

I finally flipped the channel back and was fortunate to hear most of what Dr. Ben Carson had to say. Now, it is no secret … I am a Trumpian …I belong in the first wave that came out as a Trumpian, when it wasn’t … cool. But … I do have the highest respect for Dr. Ben Carson.

I felt that he was brilliant tonight and that he had one of his best nights that I have seen. I could see the crowd behind him nodding, smiling, agreeing with him … and being pulled in by his honesty and his articulation of his principles … and THEN it came to me … Donald Trump is also … brilliant, and this was well-played. Trump did a good thing by NOT attending Kelly’s Town Hall in Houston, tonight. And here is why.

Texas is probably Cruz’s to lose. It is his state. He has the former Governor (Perry) and the current Governor (Abbott) endorsing him. And, he is ahead … even before the Town Hall.

Will it hurt Trump by not attending (whatever the reason)? I think the real question is how much. And, I don’t think that it will hurt him that much. Real Trumpians are fiercely loyal. This Town Hall will not change their mind.

And, his absence gave Dr. Ben Carson more time to shine. And, shine, he did.

Now, Carson and Trump are the two extremes of personality and delivery. After tonight, those who had not decided … before … tonight and were considering Cruz, but were concerned about the dirty tricks coming out of Cruz’s camp … were presented the alternative, tonight. And that … is Dr. Ben Carson.

With Trump not attending tonight, Dr. Ben Carson was able to shine, answer the questions, and show this audience why he shouldn’t be counted out as of yet. Dr. Carson, in my opinion, was able to take some of Cruz’s votes, tonight. (Only supposition, on my part … but, anyway)

And, that amount of votes that Carson might have been able to pick up won’t hurt Trump, BUT … could very well end up hurting Cruz. If Carson is successful enough to take enough votes away from Cruz (after tonight) …. Trump … may have his fourth win.

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Debbie Barth: 2/25/2016 at 9:53 am EST
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True, Rick Tyler is a smug, over-confident, nasty, no holds-barred communications adviser (now, at least for the moment … former adviser), in my opinion. But, was he really a scapegoat, taking the fall, so that Cruz can try to save his campaign under the guise (again, in my opinion) of being a Conservative Christian?

I believe that Cruz allowed all of the dirty tricks … the voter violation letter, the communication that Carson had left the race, the phony robo calls stating that Marco had left, even some that were claiming to be from Marco, in Spanish, the ad with Marco shaking hands with Obama, and now the video with the edited audio showing Rubio disrespecting the bible. And these are the tricks the American people know about.

Was Rick (eager to do whatever to win) set up to do as much damage as possible before getting caught … and then used as collateral damage, in Cruz’s “clean up” spin.

Or … are we really seeing the real Cruz coming out, little by little … and is this a glimpse of why people, working closely with him in Washington D.C., don’t like him?

It seems to me that the firing of Rick Tyler today was not the end of the shady and underhand tricks by Cruz and his campaign staffers … but, the beginning of the crack inside the campaign culture of Ted Cruz … that is beginning to make him look more like Burt Lancaster in the old 1960’s movie, Elmer Gantry. (Great movie if you haven’t seen it)


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Debbie Barth: 2/22/2016 at 8:58 pm EST
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One of my Facebook friends asked me a great question in my On The Grid and Off The Grid Group. I had posted a blog, yesterday, commenting that during the South Carolina debate last week; Donald J Trump should have mentioned his sister, Senior Circuit Court Judge, Maryanne Trump Barry and explained why he would not nominate her to the Supreme Court, if elected President.

Michael asked, and made a good point, whether or not that might actually hurt Trump, based on his sister’s leanings … in particular, the partial birth abortion ruling against banning said abortions. (July 27, 2000).

I love questions that can bring out the “rest of the story” and distinguish fact from fiction.

She is a Republican. She is one tough Circuit Court Judge that has proven command over her court. She ruled against (by not allowing plea bargains) two detectives that were protecting drug dealers, and they received jail terms. She ruled over and put away Mafia crime bosses. In my opinion, she sounds a little like a female Attorney General Bobby Kennedy. Only, she is Presbyterian and not Catholic. Still, they both have famous brothers.

Her ruling on partial birth abortion was actually more involved in the decision-making process than the opposition, and certain media outlets would have you know. They love to tell you half-truths. Those half-truths that fit into their agenda. The media does not give credit to the American public for researching beyond the words of the “media darlings’, and finding out that there is much more to the story.

And, here is the rest of that story:

She ruled against the ban on partial abortion because the original 1997 New Jersey law was too general in language and disregarded any potential danger to the mother that could arise from the pregnancy.

There were no protections for the mother in this law that would have protected her, should the abortion need to be done in order to save a mother’s life and/or if the mother’s health was in dire jeopardy. But the media, instead, would have you believe that she approved of babies being yanked from a mother’s womb, at partial birth … for selfish convenience.

I am pro-life, make no mistake about that. But … I understand Judge Barry’s decision more clearly by going further; and, doing my research, before casting out disparaging remarks that are baseless in content. It apparently was not that Judge Barry was completely for partial birth abortions at all … it had more to do with the looseness and generalities in the 1997 New Jersey law that would, by definition, allow the possible murder (a death that could have also been stopped) of a mother … perhaps with children already and a husband, due to a pregnancy that had gone terribly wrong.

My last thought regarding that great question by Michael was … had Jeb Bush “thrown” Barry’s court decision in Trump’s face … that would have been a great time for Trump to say that … he is not his sister … and Jeb is not his brother, George.

So, that is the rest of the story, concerning Senior Circuit Court Judge Maryanne Trump Barry’s decision on partial birth abortion. The media … is overruled and the jury is ordered to (ok … asked to review first) disregard that remark.
Here is the New York Times article that I use in reference to this comment:


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Debbie Barth: 2/17/2016 at 10:47 am EST
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The ugliest of the hideous face of politics was seen last Saturday night, at the South Carolina Debate. The attacks, the accusations, and the name-calling reached a new fever pitch.

But to my surprise, there was one name that was not called. There was one opportunity missed, both … on the side of the moderators… and Donald Trump.

With the untimely and surprising death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, just hours before the debate … the moderators were busy changing the verbiage of their questions and the candidates, with the exception, perhaps, of Donald Trump, were being groomed on the answers to the expected questions, concerning the possible replacement of the ninth Justice seat on the Supreme Court.

The moderators did not disappoint. The first question asked was who the candidates thought should be nominated for the now vacant seat. That first question was directed to Donald J Trump.

It was obvious that Mr. Trump was expecting some question about the ninth seat, but … while he mentioned two or three people that he might consider and of course, that was more or less just “off the top of his head” at the moment … he didn’t mention the one name that should have been mentioned.

The one question and name that should have been specifically for Donald J Trump, was not asked by the moderator.

I sat there and thought … wow … blown opportunities … on both sides.

The name that I am referring to is Maryanne Trump Barry, Donald’s older sister.

Ms. Barry is the Senior United States Circuit Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.

Had I been the moderator I would have simply asked Trump that if President would he consider nominating his sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, to the Supreme Court. So simple, yet clearly, in my humble opinion, a more relevant question to ask.

Even if asked the general “who” question, I think Trump would have put some rumors to bed had he simply included in his original response … “Now let me tell you who I will not nominate … and why.”

In less than two minutes, the question that is bound to come up over and over, as we get closer to November … due to the recent death of Justice Scalia … would have been answered; and, all the rumors and “scare-tactics” of him nominating his “Liberal Circuit Court Judge” sister … could have been dispelled.

Granted, he has said that his sister would make a great Supreme Court Justice … she is his sister. However, he has also said, in interviews and on video, that he would not nominate his sister. But, as usual the words are ignored unless they can be twisted to mean something entirely different … and, the fact that Ms. Barry is a Senior Circuit Court Judge … will continue to fuel the flames of rumors and scare-tactics.

With all of the name-calling that went on during the South Carolina Debate, this last Saturday evening, this is the one name, Maryanne Trump Barry … that the audience … should have heard.

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Debbie Barth: 2/16/2016 4:35 pm EST
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I was stunned, completely immobile, when I head the announcement of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s death, yesterday evening. As I laid down the book I was reading, certain words being spoken were setting off alarms in my ever-so-inquisitive mind.

A secluded ranch … found alone in his room … not feeling well after dinner … his untimely death … died of natural causes.

With every word, it was beginning to sound more and more like a political thriller written by Frederick Forsyth or Jeffrey Archer. But, this wasn’t a chapter out of a bestselling novel; this was real life … and death.

Certainly, the location and circumstances could bring speculation to most right-brains like me … but it was the word … untimely … that had me thinking that … perhaps … this really is about time. Not untimely … but timing.

Justice Scalia was a textualist and an originalist, when it came to our U.S. Constitution. His individual decisions in landmark cases were based on the written word of the Constitution … and … the social temperament of the people, at the time it was written, not the social temperament of today. He was indeed, the most Conservative Supreme Court Justice sitting on the bench. At an age of only 79 years (not old by Supreme Court Justice standards) he had many more years ahead of him to make a difference in the outcome of landmark decisions. He would have been sitting on the bench as a new Republican President and administration, in theory, came into power.

And then … suddenly … Supreme Court Justice Scalia is found dead, in his room … at a secluded ranch. The last I heard is that his death was not caused by a heart attack … but that he died of natural causes. And so, speculation still builds. Just what is the “natural causes” from which he died?

I cannot speak for his family, but, I hope that there will be an autopsy. In fact, I believe that any high official of his stature, with similar circumstances … should be autopsied. It should be a requirement.

I can hear the “gasps” and people calling me Conspiracy Theorist. But, perhaps it’s time we woke up and realized that we live in a much darker world than we perceive. In fact, autopsies in cases like Supreme Court Justice Scalia would put conspiracy theories to rest.

And, now the “timing” thing. As I mentioned earlier … Justice Scalia was the most conservative of the nine sitting Justices. There is a very good possibility that a Republican will be elected in November. And, with this new President, will come a Republican administration … that is hell-bent on annihilating everything thing in sight that has Obama’s hand-prints on it.

While, the very real probability of a Republican President being elected in November doesn’t change. The social temperament of America now has a huge opportunity to slide, even more so, into a deep dark abyss of Liberalism.

If Obama appoints a new Supreme Court Justice and the Senate confirms that nomination, then the hope of putting America back on the Conservative, God Loving, flag waving … road to recovery … will be made extremely difficult. There is no doubt that Obama will appoint someone who will not only continue to carry the torch of “American desecration”, that person will have a life-time in which to carry that torch and to sway every landmark decision that comes into the Supreme Court to a Liberal decision.

How convenient for Obama, to … within just 11 months left … be given the opportunity to put this very real scenario in motion.

It was a secluded ranch, he was found dead, alone, in his room. He had retired early because he mentioned that he “wasn’t feeling well” … just … after … dinner.

Just what were the “natural causes”? I would hope that this was a death caused by natural causes and not by some kind of premeditated poisoning for, for murky political reasons. Hopefully this government and those “in the shadows” have not sunk so low.

There is no doubt, however, that … with the death of the most conservative Supreme Court Justice in American history … if Obama gets the opportunity … our U.S. Constitution will be poisoned beyond recognition, and will die a very slow death.

Debbie Barth: 2/14/2016 6:33 pm EST
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During a Facebook discussion concerning Islam and Sharia law … someone brought up the ageless and threadbare argument of the Holy wars/Crusades (1000 years old) in reference to the “so-called” Holy Bible and the hypocritical “so-called” Christians. Those are his words … certainly, not mine.

I did suggest to him that the crusades are over 1000 years old. To date, I am not aware of any religious WARS being fought in America, recently. (At least, not yet.) In fact … I have never heard of any Baptists who have beheaded Methodists because they wouldn’t become Baptists. Actually, the Holy Bible and the Crusades have very little to do with … TODAY … and ISIS, Sharia Law, and the Radical Islamic Terrorists. What happened 1000 years ago will not kill us. What is happening in Iraq and other areas in the Middle East, TODAY, can kill us, now … if we don’t take action. As far as his wording of the “so-called” Holy Bible … I guess we should direct him to the room housing those who desecrate our American Flag and curse our Military servicemen/women.

To believe that Christians are hypocrites because we preach love and yet do not want the evil of Sharia law into this country doesn’t make sense to me. It is because we love our God, our families … and our country that we are fighting against Sharia law and those whom try make it law in America. I wonder why people always love to blame God for all the failings of the people he put on this earth. We all are hypocrites to some degree. Christians are always singled out, it seems, the most.

But what about the actors who preached against guns and capitalism and then make action movies where violence and guns are the main theme … and make millions of dollars, doing so. What about the singers who sponsor benefits for world hunger…. yet…. do…. really …. very little … for America. What about people in both categories that talk about how the “fortunate rich” should pay more taxes, and yet … are using the same loop holes as everyone else to get out of paying those taxes. What about the men and women, who think that pedophilia is disgusting and are always shocked when they hear the stories, yet have a feeling that sexual abuse could be happening to a family member or extended family member, and look the other way? What about the salespeople selling a product they don’t even use themselves? My point is, everyone can wear the “H tattoo” on their forehead, at some time or the other, but … that doesn’t take away their rights to speak out about the fundamentals of their beliefs. So, when one attacks the Holy Bible, and blames it for wars committed by men, and one calls Christians … hypocritical “so-called” Christians … maybe one should talk a look at one’s own self.

Frankly, I think there are a lot worse things one can be called, other than Christian … hypocritical or otherwise.


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