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I am no fan of Putin (although he did make Obama look like a wus), and I do agree that there are, more than likely, many reason for sanctions against Russia. But … as far as Russia interfering with this election … where is the proof? In the eight years that Obama has had to retaliate against Russia … he chooses now … and … something with no concrete evidence? (And, really … the “sanctions” are pretty lame.) Actually, about as lame as Obama telling Putin to, “Cut it out.” (How embarrassing.)

Where is the proof that Russia is responsible for the hacking during the election?

Julian Assange has said it was NOT Russia.

Now, for those that are saying why believe Assange? Because, if you have posted in support, and believed everything else that Assange has said, previously … then, wouldn’t it be hypocritical, and shortsighted, to not believe Assange, concerning this? Maybe we could call that … “convenient faith.”

And … here’s the hypocritical part (really So “Obama”) Seriously Obama, it is beneath other countries to “interfere” with a country’s election?? Seriously? Am I the only one who remembers Israel’s 2015 election … and Obama’s interference?


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 Debbie Barth: 12/29/2016 at 8:37:01 pm EDT
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Last Friday, protesters tried to block the Presidential front-runner, Donald Trump, from making a speech before the Republican Party Convention in the Hyatt Regency hotel in Burlingame, California.

They chanted obscenities and threw raw eggs at police.  They chanted obscenities and threw objects at Trump supporters.  They called Trump a bigot and a racist.  Their presence threatened the thousands of Trump supporters, simply trying to exercise their right to freedom of speech by attending the Trump rally.

Ironically there were protesters that were clearly not from America, and … who could barely speak English, crying out “This is not America.”

And, as most people, who actually watch the news and read know … many of these protesters were there simply … to earn a pay check.  Most were disrespectful and clearly had no idea what or why they were protesting.  One wonders how many of the protesters (and I use this term loosely) were actually illegals.  What was evident is that they were acting like caged wild animals, foaming from the side of their mouths, with no respect for others … and it would seem … for themselves.

And, the fact is … with all the ranting, chanting and raving … they did not achieve their goal, quite the contrary.  They may have actually helped to show Americans the bravery, the conviction, and the genuine leadership of Donald J. Trump.

Mr. Trump, along with the Trump Team, took a different route, stopped their vehicles off the side of a major highway – jumped down three feet, went through a cut opened fence, walked across a ravine, went down a service road, and walked through the doors via the back door … all while protestors chanted obscenities, stomped the American flag and acted like complete goons.

In the face of opposition, danger, and obstructions, Donald J. Trump reminded the American public what fortitude, courage and strength of character looks like.

Indeed, they huffed and they puffed, but they could not blow Donald J. Trump down.

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 Debbie Barth: 5/01/2016 at 6:37 pm EDT
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The Clothes Were Flying and The Wine Was Flowing

I went to a party last night. All the ladies were taking off their clothes and the wine was flowing. Now that I have your attention … relax … it was a CABI party and all about an exclusive line … Continue reading


English: A typical Halloween "trick or tr...

This year, we celebrated our first Halloween in our new neighborhood. We had heard talk, for months, that Halloween night in Twelve Oaks was an event not to be missed. And, indeed, we found this to be quite true. To be perfectly honest, Halloween has always been my least favorite event of the year, and I would just …. go through … the motions of buying the candy, waiting for the doorbell to ring, and being relieved when I felt the appropriate time had come to turn off the porch light. It was one night that I paid very special attention to my little family members (some refer to as pets) when they went out to … well … survey the land. I mostly thought of all the bad things that I’ve heard that people do during the evening, the animals that are harmed … and how many just seem to use this night as an excuse to put their morbid imagination to use and to bring out the worst in themselves as people.

The “Spirit” of Twelve Oaks has redeemed me.

To say that Twelve Oaks celebrates Halloween is an understatement. Many of the homes were elaborately decorated. Neighbors brought out tables and chairs and sat by the road, eagerly anticipating the little ghosts and goblins and the excited screams of “trick or treat.” And, in between … candy dispensing … the adults would walk up and down the street and talk with the other neighbors. “Happy Halloween” could be heard all during the evening.

Cars were lined up and down the street, and all were driving extremely slow and were so cautious. Children were running up and down the said streets, all acting “in character” of their costume. And, to my amazement, a tractor, pulling a cart (4 or 5 rows deep with children), pulled onto our street and stopped. Paul and I just looked wide-eyed at each other, and I jumped up and went in to open some more bags of candy. We also had a truck drive by that was so decorated, it looked more like a Halloween parade float. I am hoping that I wasn’t the only person standing by the side of the road, clapping and screaming with glee …. surely not.

And then there was the Halloween …. “Hollywood style” … production, just three houses down from us. They had a cemetery in the front yard, with blinking blue lights … strobe lights in one of the top front windows, a creepy looking “form” looking out another window, the fog, strobe lights outside, a mummy, and a few Zombies whose sole job it was to “greet” the visitors. There were visions of Ghosts floating in thin air, witches …. and, it just goes on and on! And … they even had a live band at the side of the house (the band was incredibly good). One of the neighbors even volunteered to cook and pass out hot dogs. This was not like anything Paul nor I had seen before. In fact, I found out the next day that one of the assisted living communities had actually bussed in their group, just to see this extravaganza.

My point, aside from the sheer fun of sharing this with my readers, is that there really are spirits that come out on Halloween. In this case, it was the spirit of the people of Twelve Oaks who are dedicated to make sure that the children in this area, young and old, get to experience the harmless fun …. and true magic of a community Halloween. And yes, they did prove, last Halloween night … that even cemeteries can be fun.


Fear Of Our Father: A True Story Of Abuse, Murder And Family Ties

FEAR OF OUR FATHER LISA BONNICE STACEY M KANANEN 406 X 531I always strive to make each show I do a little different from the last show I’ve done … and from … the next show that I will be doing. I believe the show; on Saturday … July 27, 2013 … exemplifies that on so many different levels.

I am sure that this particular show did make most of my listeners somewhat uncomfortable …. and, may even have made some of my listeners … squirm. The topic was not a new topic per se …. and, it is one that many are, in fact … talking about. But on that day … I do hope that I did turn up the volume a couple of notches. That … with the help of my two wonderful guests callers … Lisa Bonnice and Stacy M. Kananen , co-authors of the book …FEAR OF OUR FATHER.

Below is an excerpt from my opening monologue:

“Today we are talking about sexual abuse and we are talking about physical abuse. Oh, I know … already … someone one is saying … wait a minute … what about mental abuse. My response to that is simply … how can one be sexually and/or physically abused without it abusing one mentally?

I know that there are statistics out there claiming that child molestation, sexual abuse and physical abuse is rampant and it is on the rise. However, statics are simply information that has been compiled based on available data. This is a problem that I believe is much worse than any available statistics. Child molestation, sexual abuse … and physical abuse is a crime. It is a crime of stigma …of shame … and … for the most part … it is an invisible crime. No … not for the abuser, but for the abused! This has got to stop!

I say to the ABUSER … if you have any remorse in what you have done or in what you are doing ….tell someone and get help … before you do any more harm. I say to the ABUSER who has no remorse or feels no regret, may you burn in hell. You are, in fact a murderer and a robber … you steal and you kill the very soul of a child.

I say to the Parents, brothers, sisters, Aunts, Uncles, cousins, neighbors, friends … who automatically reject the claims of abuse by someone … or simply look the other way out of fear of retaliation … or they don’t want to feel uncomfortable at “family gatherings” …. shame on you. YOU might be the very person to help save and change someone’s life. Please … at least consider what I am trying to say.

I say to the ABUSED … you are NOT alone. If you only knew how many others were going through what you are going through, then perhaps it would help to empower you to be the one … who is speaking out … rather than the one …. waiting for someone else to speak out.”     Debbie Barth July 27, 2013

This show has been archived and the link to the show is:

The name of the book that we discussed that morning is Fear of Our Father …. co-authored by Lisa Bonnice and Stacey M. Kananen. Stacey’s story is one of physical, sexual … and mental abuse … so horrific, it not only decimates an entire family, and encourages family betrayal … it ends in the brutal murder of two people. Actually for Stacey, the murder of her parents wasn’t really the end …but … the beginning of a new kind of terror.

This true story demonstrates abuse at its very worst and the horrific consequences and events derived from that abuse. However, child molestation and physical abuse are devastating for the abused/victim on any level. It not only tears entire families apart … it destroys one’s soul.

It is time for us all, as a society … to bring the abusers out of their dark holes of invisibility and comfort and expose to the world what they really are. It is time for us all … as a society … to rally around the abused … the true victims … and let them know they are loved, their abuse validated, and that there are many who will listen … and, who will fight for them to get them out of those situations. If we seriously want to make changes in this great country, for the better … this is a great place to start.

The link to the archived show …. “FEAR OF OUR FATHER: True Story of Abuse, Murder, & Family ….

The 4th is MORE

The Declaration of Independence of the United ...

Tomorrow is the 4th of July. But it is more than that. It is America’s Birthday. It is Independence Day. Tomorrow is a day of hotdogs, hamburgers, cookouts, and fireworks displays. But it is more than that. It is a day of reflection. A day to celebrate the greatness of our country that still prevails. It is a day to give gratitude to the brave men and women (past, present, and future) who have sacrificed so much in order to keep secure all the freedoms we sometimes, seemingly …. take for granted. It is a day to honor this proud land, so rich in history, and to honor all … those in the Armed Services … our First Responders … and every individual who strives to make America as strong as it is now …. and … to make it as strong as it once was. It is a time to take a moment to reflect on the 19 firefighters in Arizona who lost their lives, trying to keep others safe. A time to think how the families of these brave firefighters will spend their 4th of July, this year. A time to look around you during your celebrations with loved ones, and give gratitude for the opportunity to say “I love you” yet one more time.

I can’t tell you what and who to be, or what you should believe in, or even how proud you should be of this country called America. But can tell you that I am an American, who believes in God and is very proud of this country called America…. Debbie Barth.

We Are Not Created Equal – Celebrate it!

EggsWhile browsing through my Facebook news-feed the other day, I saw one of those cute little “feel good” posters that gave me pause for thought. It showed two broken eggs and the legend read, “Inside we are all alike.”

I am quite sure that it was created and displayed with the good intent to make us all feel good … but … I just don’t think that the sentiment was all that it was cracked up to be.

The simple fact is that no, we are not the same inside … and no … we are not created equal.

We are born with blue eyes, brown eyes, green eyes, or various shades of the aforementioned. We are born with blond hair, brown hair, black hair, red hair … or none. We are born with various shades of skin color. We are born with different degrees of intelligence and dispositions. The fortunate are born physically and mentally challenged-free … others are not. I’ve certainly watched enough CSI episodes to know that no two DNA types are the same.

And that is just the beginning. As we grow, our experiences, and our perception of our experiences, are different. We are not the same inside nor outside. We are each … and everyone … uniquely different.

We are born with God-given talents uniquely our own, which must be recognized and cultivated.

I do not subscribe to the theory that we are all the same, nor do I feel that we should strive for “sameness.” I believe that we should bask in our uniqueness. I also believe that we should search for, and recognize, what we do really well …. and strive to be the very best at it. I believe that we should understand what we don’t do very well and strive to do the very best we can. I believe that there are always winners and losers but that … no one … has to always win or always lose.

While cloning is no longer just science fiction, no individuals, nor group of individuals, should fall victim. It is not good for individuals, for teams on a playing field, or in an office … and certainly not for our great country. The uniqueness that is possessed by all of us is what makes us so great when we come together in daily life.

No, we are not created equal … and, we are not the same inside…. as used in this context of this blog …. we are unique … recognize your uniqueness … cultivate it … nurture it … and celebrate it. It truly is one of the things you possess that no one can take away from you … unless you let them.

Today I was “gang-grouped.”

1-22-2013 12-15-47 PMIt happens when you least expect it.  You are just setting at your desk tweeting with your newest BTFF (best twitter follower forever) or you are texting your thoughts on Facebook’s new Graph Search to the world while getting your wisdom teeth pulled out at the dentist …. and it happens … you’ve been “grouped.”  You start noticing all these new Facebook notifications concerning a group called “Pygmies … Why Women Love Them” …. and you have no idea why your email is filling up with these.  You do not know any pygmies … or women who love them.  The simple truth is that Facebook allows members to add you to any group without asking you first …. no kiss first … no dinner.  People can just “group” you at will.  While the “perp’s” justification is that you are so awesome, you have been invited to the party … or your wisdom and participation are so valued … they are not considering the fact that most people really do want to be asked first.

With all that being said, let me also say that there are some phenomenal groups in Facebook of which I am blessed and honored to be a part.  It is because of these groups that I have met some of the most awesome people on the planet.  Some with whom, I have established a close and long-lasting relationship.

I guess I am an old fashion gal who does not like to be taken for granted.  I prefer being asked first.  In fact, if I found out I have been added to a group without an invitation first … I will … every time … just leave immediately.  And, that is what I did with the three groups I found myself added to this morning.

I also know that there will be those who read this and will think I am referring specifically to them, and that is not true.  I simply adore my FB friends … including the ones involved in the most recent … “gang-group”.  And I would hope the feeling is mutual.

Simply put …ask me to the party … and I will come with my dance shoes on (I can’t guarantee how much time I have to participate.) But, don’t take me for granted …. and just don’t “group” me.

You Can Ask Marti Rulli About The Mysterious Death Of Natalie Wood – Case Re-opened.

In November 1981, a beautiful legendary Hollywood star was lost forever. But the mystery behind Natalie Wood‘s untimely death lingers on to this day. Just when one thinks the case has been closed forever as an accidental drowning, the case has suddenly been re-opened. Marti Rulli, author of “Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour” will be joining the Debbie Barth and Joyce Bagley at On The Grid Internet Talk Radio just hours before her interview segment on the television show, 48 Hours Mystery, being aired that evening. She and the boat captain, Dennis Davern, have been trying to get this case re-opened for 25 years. In 2009, Ms. Rulli and Mr. Davern co-authored the aforementioned book, hoping that it would bring new life to solving the mystery surrounding Natalie’s death. Recently, others have come forward with information so compelling, the local police department has announced the re-opening of this case.

It has brought not only new life to the case, but controversy as well, as lines are being drawn between those who believe the case should be opened and those who believe that the media is simply wanting to cash in on the 30th anniversary of Natalie Wood’s death.

But neither side can deny that there are questions that are begging for answers.  Why would Natalie try to go out alone at night on a dinghy when she had a terrible fear of the water.  Why wouldn’t Robert Wagner allow Dennis Davern to turn on the search light and immediately radio for help upon announcing that she was missing.  And who heard a women’s cry for help that night from a boat anchored in the vicinity of the Wagners’ boat?

Ms. Rulli tells her story about what really happened prior to Natalie Wood’s death, and how the truth to what really happened took on a very distorted spin, with the help of the misinformed media, bad police investigating, and Hollywood influence.

You will have your opportunity to ask your questions this Saturday morning, Nov. 26 at 10:00 am EST.   Call in to talk with Ms. Rulli at 323-792-3071, or visit the chatroom at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/onthegrid, and ask your questions there.

Meet Patricia Booth-Julius: Sharing Her Memories of Dean Martin and So Much More!

This blog post gives me much pleasure, for several reasons.  One being that I am blessed to be sharing the spotlight with two other very classy, savvy, and a bit … ummm … unconventional ladies, at On The Grid, a Blog Talk Radio internet talk show.  Secondly, because the first two shows have been celebrated with wonderful reviews and huge support.  Thirdly, because the show coming up this Saturday, 15, 2011 at 10:00 am ET will be with singer/dancer/entertainer Patricia Booth-Julius (aka Patty Julius).  And fourthly, because I am privileged to know Patty personally and I know for a fact that she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.  (And she is beautiful).  So, without further adieu …. please read below.


Patricia Booth-Julius had performed over 32 different musical comedies and light operas before she ever left her home in St. Louis, Missouri, to find her career as an entertainer.

This came as no surprise to those close to Patricia. She started voice and dance lessons at the very early age of three, and received her Actors Equity Card when she joined the St. Louis Municipal Opera (“Muny”), while still in high school.

Her talent, drive, and determination at the “Muny” lead her to work with Broadway superstars like Ethel Merman, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Eddie Albert, Florence Henderson, and John Raitt. She has danced with Tommy Tune during an audition, and was not only immediately hired to perform with The Gene Kelly Show in Las Vegas; she performed a solo dance with the legendary Gene Kelly, as well.

Patricia went on to become one of the original “Golddiggers” on the Dean Martin Show. Then, while the show was on hiatus, she performed as the lead singer for the Folies Bergere at the famous Tropicana in Las Vegas. What was to be a summer job … became a two-year success story. She eventually returned to the Dean Martin Show as one of the “New Golddiggers.”

To date, Patricia hasn’t missed a step and is still performing … doing concerts, print work, and commercials.

Join Debbie Barth and Joyce Bagley  On The Grid Saturday, Oct. 15, 2011 at 10:00 am ET …. as Patricia talks about what it really takes to be successful as an entertainer, her own experiences … and her memories of Robert Goulet, Frank Sinatra (and more!) and of course, the very beloved, Dean Martin.

Join us in the chat room at www.blogtalkradio.com/onthegrid, or call in at 323-792-3071 to listen by phone or to speak with Patricia Booth-Julius, personally. On The Grid is, after all, where real life happens!