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Meet the Satanist Who Demands Christians Bake His Cakes

Meet Douglas Mesner, from Detroit, Michigan … aka … Lucien Greaves … a self-professed “Satanist” who is suggesting that his “followers” demand Christians bake cakes, with “satanic themes,” for their cult celebrations.  I am assuming the “Devil’s Food Cake” would be most popular with this group.  I believe this demand really has more to do with Greaves’ misguided greed for some sort of sick and perverse power.  Of course, a financial “windfall” from a civil lawsuit by the so-called “Satanist” is probably a motivator, as well.  And … the fact the Greaves could be responsible for ruining the livelihood of a Christian … would be the … icing … on his cake.

He is also encouraging LGBT rights supporters to order Satan-themed cakes from bakers who oppose same-sex marriage because of their religious beliefs.  I frankly find that an insult to the LGBT supporters, simply because … it implies that none of them believe in God, and … all … are Satanist.

I am not sure which is an uglier, scary thought … his face … or the fact that he is the “leader/founder” of the Satanic Temple (with a small following) … and, that he has 12K followers (at least “like”) his page, in Facebook.

I agree with Tucker Carlson that this person is … probably … no more than a bitter, hate-filled, individual who led an unhappy life, filled with rejection.  More than likely, his only way of dealing with the fate life has dealt him … was to create a “persona” that would draw people to him, who had similar unhappy experiences, and/or lack of self-esteem.

Greaves is also the co-founder and spokesperson for the After School Satan program created in 2016 by The Satanic Temple.  So, parents … seriously … you may want to take more notice of the after-school programs offered by your local schools.

So … this is Douglas Mesnar …   Doug from Detroit, Mi. … using the self-esteem issues of others and, those whose social culture differ from others …  to promote his own sick hatred for a God, for whom … he holds nothing but contempt.  There will no picture shown of “Doug,” in this blog.  I feel “unclean” enough, just writing about him.  As far as his suggestion to harass Christian bakery owners and to demand they bake “Satanic-themed” cakes … let him bake his own cake.  And … I hope he chokes on it.


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Debbie Barth: 09/30/2017 at 5:58pm EDT
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