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Family Dance? No Thanks, I’m Sitting This One Out

Just one more way to erode the parental role of parents, in this case … the father.  Instead of “changing the name from Father-Daughter” dance to “Family” dance … how about working on emphasizing the importance of having a father … in a child’s life.

Yes, it is sad to see  someone at a “dance” without a Father with whom to dance … but … the real tragedy is that same someone doesn’t have a Father … in … her … life.

THAT is what needs to be addressed … instead of continuing the devaluation of Motherhood and Fatherhood … with a “Family” Dance.

Family dance?   How about doing a “little dance” on the head of all the deadbeat fathers who think impregnating women is sport … and makes him “a man.”

Meanwhile … for all of the responsible fathers, who understand the enormous responsibility of being a “father” … let them (and, their fortunate young daughters) … have their dance.



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