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The South Carolina Primary was as exciting for me to watch as this season’s Super Bowl game. (Yes, I can hear people screaming “GET A LIFE.”) And … this time … my team won.

I sat glued to the T.V. set Saturday evening, and stayed connected to my closest Facebook friends who share the moniker … “Trumpian.” Finally, as much as it must have crushed Fox News, Megyn Kelly … with a pasty-white-faced … pained expression … announced Donald J. Trump as the clear winner of the South Carolina Primary.

Not one for being … “subtle in expression” … I gleefully let out my “sounds of celebration” which could probably be heard throughout my local neighborhood and certain areas of Social Media. The “Trumpian Call” was heard by other Trumpians … and the sounds of celebration echoed through-out Facebook and Twitter.

But, just like in this season’s Super Bowl game … not everyone was happy. Even those who wanted Trump to win South Carolina, were concerned about being seen as “gloating” over Mr. Trump’s successful win.

I thought about that for about … 5 seconds … and profoundly responded …. “Naaah.”

Of course, I can only speak for myself. I actually looked up the meaning in the dictionary to make sure that the word … gloat … like so many other words, in today’s culture, had not changed in meaning. Sure enough “to gloat” means “to dwell on one’s own success or one’s misfortune with smugness or malignant pleasure.” Perhaps when one is upset at a loss, it is easy to mistake the winning side’s joy … for smugness. And, people who know me know that I do not dwell, maliciously, on other people’s losses or misfortunes. My football buddies, I think, would vouch for me on this.

I, for one was celebrating. I was celebrating Donald J. Trump. From the moment he announced he was running, this last June, he has been called a clown, a buffoon, and much worse. The media even made fun of his hair. I celebrate Mr. Trump for standing tall, hair in place, and not being intimidated by a media press that has been attacking him from day one.

I celebrate Mr. Trump for being the victor when being hit with sarcasm, and unwarranted attacks, by standing firm and hitting back… and … so much harder. (This is the kind of President that I want in the White House.)

I celebrate Mr. Trump for showing his sincerity and love of this country by being self-funded. No one owns this man. None of the other candidates can say this.

I celebrate this man for proving that he is every bit the businessman on the Campaign trail, as he is in real estate … by spending less on his campaign, at this point, and yet, being the top candidate.

I celebrate the fact that no one, in history has done what Donald J Trump has managed to do in just eight short months, and without ever being in politics in any capacity beforehand.

So yes, I celebrated Mr. Trump’s successful win in the South Carolina Primary. And, I will continue to celebrate each … and every … win. And so, to those who misunderstand … please excuse my “gloat”, because … I was only … celebrating.


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Debbie Barth: 2/22/2016 at 3:32 pm EST
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The ugliest of the hideous face of politics was seen last Saturday night, at the South Carolina Debate. The attacks, the accusations, and the name-calling reached a new fever pitch.

But to my surprise, there was one name that was not called. There was one opportunity missed, both … on the side of the moderators… and Donald Trump.

With the untimely and surprising death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, just hours before the debate … the moderators were busy changing the verbiage of their questions and the candidates, with the exception, perhaps, of Donald Trump, were being groomed on the answers to the expected questions, concerning the possible replacement of the ninth Justice seat on the Supreme Court.

The moderators did not disappoint. The first question asked was who the candidates thought should be nominated for the now vacant seat. That first question was directed to Donald J Trump.

It was obvious that Mr. Trump was expecting some question about the ninth seat, but … while he mentioned two or three people that he might consider and of course, that was more or less just “off the top of his head” at the moment … he didn’t mention the one name that should have been mentioned.

The one question and name that should have been specifically for Donald J Trump, was not asked by the moderator.

I sat there and thought … wow … blown opportunities … on both sides.

The name that I am referring to is Maryanne Trump Barry, Donald’s older sister.

Ms. Barry is the Senior United States Circuit Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.

Had I been the moderator I would have simply asked Trump that if President would he consider nominating his sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, to the Supreme Court. So simple, yet clearly, in my humble opinion, a more relevant question to ask.

Even if asked the general “who” question, I think Trump would have put some rumors to bed had he simply included in his original response … “Now let me tell you who I will not nominate … and why.”

In less than two minutes, the question that is bound to come up over and over, as we get closer to November … due to the recent death of Justice Scalia … would have been answered; and, all the rumors and “scare-tactics” of him nominating his “Liberal Circuit Court Judge” sister … could have been dispelled.

Granted, he has said that his sister would make a great Supreme Court Justice … she is his sister. However, he has also said, in interviews and on video, that he would not nominate his sister. But, as usual the words are ignored unless they can be twisted to mean something entirely different … and, the fact that Ms. Barry is a Senior Circuit Court Judge … will continue to fuel the flames of rumors and scare-tactics.

With all of the name-calling that went on during the South Carolina Debate, this last Saturday evening, this is the one name, Maryanne Trump Barry … that the audience … should have heard.

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Debbie Barth: 2/16/2016 4:35 pm EST
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