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I am surprised at some of the people who say they aren’t voting for either candidate, in November. Some think that it “sends a message” to the government, and some feel that, somehow … it cancels out another vote (note sure about the math with this one) and some say that it will not make a difference.

I think that if you just set there … and you don’t vote … you don’t do anything, but complain in social media or to each other … how do you feel this is actually sending a message to anyone that is really pertinent in government, or that it will lead to change? Frankly, I think you are letting the government off the hook and you are “complying” … not … “sending a message.” If you are actually doing the math, it isn’t staying home that counts … it’s actually voting.

And … YES, votes do count and that is what sends the message to the government. Not a temper tantrum or some kind of misguided sense of “superiority of character and what’s best for this country,” based on doing nothing because … one’s choice of candidate didn’t get nominated.

And, YES … voting WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE … and one that will be seen.

You aren’t just voting for a person. You are voting for open … or … closed borders. You are voting for continued usurpation and overspending of this government … or … stopping usurpation and overspending.

You are voting for a continuing racial division in this country … or … bringing people together, through conversations based on their love for this country, personal respect for each other, and a drive to bring back jobs and better education for all.

You are voting for elevating the risk for terrorism in this country … by bringing more immigrants into this country, who are not properly vetted. Or, you are voting for common sense in the fight against Islamic Radical Terrorism.

You are voting for more gun control, making it more difficult for innocent, law-abiding people to take protect their families … or … the enforcement of the gun laws already on the books and the preservation of our 2nd amendment.

You are voting for who will be the next confirmed Supreme Court Justice (Perhaps as many as three) and future landmark rulings.

You are not just voting for a person. You are voting for what that person will do once in office.

Never has the difference in policies been so different. Never has the sanctity of our Bill of Rights and our U.S. Constitution, our economy, our education, our future … our country … been on the line as it is now.

I may not agree with your choice, but to not vote at all is letting down every man and women who has fought for the very right to vote.

No, simply because you don’t like the candidates who are running … two very different fates are in the hands of the winner in November. And, you will help to seal that fate.

You are NOT just voting for Hillary R. Clinton or Donald J. Trump. You are voting for the Republic of America … or not.


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 Debbie Barth: 7/10/2016 at 6:00 pm EDT
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I was stunned, completely immobile, when I head the announcement of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s death, yesterday evening. As I laid down the book I was reading, certain words being spoken were setting off alarms in my ever-so-inquisitive mind.

A secluded ranch … found alone in his room … not feeling well after dinner … his untimely death … died of natural causes.

With every word, it was beginning to sound more and more like a political thriller written by Frederick Forsyth or Jeffrey Archer. But, this wasn’t a chapter out of a bestselling novel; this was real life … and death.

Certainly, the location and circumstances could bring speculation to most right-brains like me … but it was the word … untimely … that had me thinking that … perhaps … this really is about time. Not untimely … but timing.

Justice Scalia was a textualist and an originalist, when it came to our U.S. Constitution. His individual decisions in landmark cases were based on the written word of the Constitution … and … the social temperament of the people, at the time it was written, not the social temperament of today. He was indeed, the most Conservative Supreme Court Justice sitting on the bench. At an age of only 79 years (not old by Supreme Court Justice standards) he had many more years ahead of him to make a difference in the outcome of landmark decisions. He would have been sitting on the bench as a new Republican President and administration, in theory, came into power.

And then … suddenly … Supreme Court Justice Scalia is found dead, in his room … at a secluded ranch. The last I heard is that his death was not caused by a heart attack … but that he died of natural causes. And so, speculation still builds. Just what is the “natural causes” from which he died?

I cannot speak for his family, but, I hope that there will be an autopsy. In fact, I believe that any high official of his stature, with similar circumstances … should be autopsied. It should be a requirement.

I can hear the “gasps” and people calling me Conspiracy Theorist. But, perhaps it’s time we woke up and realized that we live in a much darker world than we perceive. In fact, autopsies in cases like Supreme Court Justice Scalia would put conspiracy theories to rest.

And, now the “timing” thing. As I mentioned earlier … Justice Scalia was the most conservative of the nine sitting Justices. There is a very good possibility that a Republican will be elected in November. And, with this new President, will come a Republican administration … that is hell-bent on annihilating everything thing in sight that has Obama’s hand-prints on it.

While, the very real probability of a Republican President being elected in November doesn’t change. The social temperament of America now has a huge opportunity to slide, even more so, into a deep dark abyss of Liberalism.

If Obama appoints a new Supreme Court Justice and the Senate confirms that nomination, then the hope of putting America back on the Conservative, God Loving, flag waving … road to recovery … will be made extremely difficult. There is no doubt that Obama will appoint someone who will not only continue to carry the torch of “American desecration”, that person will have a life-time in which to carry that torch and to sway every landmark decision that comes into the Supreme Court to a Liberal decision.

How convenient for Obama, to … within just 11 months left … be given the opportunity to put this very real scenario in motion.

It was a secluded ranch, he was found dead, alone, in his room. He had retired early because he mentioned that he “wasn’t feeling well” … just … after … dinner.

Just what were the “natural causes”? I would hope that this was a death caused by natural causes and not by some kind of premeditated poisoning for, for murky political reasons. Hopefully this government and those “in the shadows” have not sunk so low.

There is no doubt, however, that … with the death of the most conservative Supreme Court Justice in American history … if Obama gets the opportunity … our U.S. Constitution will be poisoned beyond recognition, and will die a very slow death.

Debbie Barth: 2/14/2016 6:33 pm EST
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