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Once again Americans woke up this morning to another terrorist attack, this time … in Brussels, which is a region of Belgium.

As of the time of this blog, it has been reported that 31 people have been killed and 187 people have been injured in two explosions at the Brussels’ airport and, one explosion at the Metro Station.  As time goes on, sadly, the death toll may increase.

ISIS has apparently taken claim for these attacks.  There are reports from various news agencies indicating that this attack may have been planned far in advance, but, was carried out ahead of plan, in retaliation for the capture of terrorist Salah Abdeslam. (Wanted in the Paris attacks on 13 November 2015.)

And, then, here in America … is the explosive remark detonated by Ted Cruz against Donald Trump.

While Cruz did not directly blame Trump for the terrorist attack in Brussels (He would have if he could have had more notice, I’m sure.), Cruz did say the following. “It is striking the day after Donald Trump called for America … weakening from NATO … we see Brussels … where Nato is headquartered, the subject of an Islam terrorist attack.”

He went further and said that “Donald Trump is wrong that America should withdraw from the world and abandon our allies. Donald Trump is wrong that American should retreat from Europe, retreat from NATO, hand Putin a major victory and while he’s at it hand ISIS a major victory,” Cruz said.”

I find it not surprising, but despicable of Ted Cruz to use this moment to talk about Trump, rather than to simply send a message of condolences and solidarity to the people of Brussels … this … without … making a political statement.

Cruz said that it was wrong of Trump to work forward to “withdraw” from NATO.  And … that Trump wants to weaken NATO.

I find it typical of “Lying Ted” to make a political statement about Donald J. Trump that is absolutely false.

Now Hear This!  “Lying Cruz” alert!  This NOT what Trump said, or meant.

What Trump said … and meant … is that NATO is not carrying its weight.  NATO depends heavily on America, financially, with America adding so much more help, financially, than any other country that is a part of NATO.  Trump is calling for NATO to do its share financially.  Would he use this at a “bargaining power” for America to stay in NATO?  Absolutely, he should … in my humble opinion.   And, we know that he is the best negotiator of all negotiators.

And, we know that Ted Cruz is the best liar … of … well.  And, yes, that is my humble opinion, based on lie after lie, after lie.

Utahns are headed for the polls tonight, and I am sure that the terrorist attacks in Brussels, hours ago, will be on their minds.  I’m sure that the safety of this country will be on their minds.  I can only hope that when they hear Ted Cruz speak of building a wall and (as of today) there should be a halt on visas and we need to stop the influx of refugees coming into America … that Utahns will remember that it was Donald J Trump that said this first … “when it wasn’t cool.”

And, that Ted Cruz … hours after the terrorist attacks in Brussels, used this terrible tragedy to launch a political attack on Donald J. Trump, by detonating false accusations.


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 Debbie Barth: 3/22/2016 at 3:55 pm EST
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One of my newest Twitter friends was gracious enough to send me the email she got from the Cruz camp, this last week. I asked her to send it to me, because I had gotten the same e-mail.

Unfortunately, my email got deleted with the other 136 emails I deleted that day. She will remain nameless, unless she sees this and would like to volunteer her name. I thank her for sending it to me.

This goes to the treachery, the lies and the deceit of the Establishment and to Trump’s opposing candidates, specifically, in this case, Ted Cruz … and to the downright cheesy tricks the Cruz Camp pulls.

The Cruz camp fails to say that Trump, at the last debate, handed the moderators his faxed rating of an “A” that the BBB gave this training … the current rating … just before the debate ended, and, in plenty of time for them to make that announcement.

As far as the suit, itself, this is a case, where the individuals had the opportunity to take a specific course … and made the decision to invest in their future. Some were very successful. Some failed miserably. All took the same course. Those who failed, decided to blame someone other than themselves and decided to participate in another investment … taking part in a law suit against Donald Trump. End of story.

As far as Trump not attending CPAC, I would ask my readers; if you had a choice to attend a family reunion where you know that people will attack you, boo you, and walk out of the room, or attend a party that welcomes you with open arms, respect what you have to say, and wants to hear more of what you say … seriously … what would you do?

And, with Donald’s lead in the race, thus far, he doesn’t need CPAC. He does, however, need to be in Florida, as this is a most important future win for Trump. In my opinion, he is telling CPAC (the GOP Establishment), that he does not play by their rules. And this, is actually what it will take to make America great … and … a Republic, once more.

In fact, Cruz is the failure here … and, the one who is showing the true culture of the Cruz Camp. That culture is filled with hypocrisy, lies, and dirty tricks. I am not sure why anyone would consider this man a true Christian, based on his actions, throughout this campaign, thus far.

And, in the case of sending the cheesy letter, misrepresenting Trump and the Trump University, the one who failed … and truly failed miserably … was Ted Cruz.

The cheesy letter Cruz is sending out is below:

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Debbie Barth: 3/5/2016 at 3:43 pm EST
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Last night, during Megyn Kelly’s Town Hall … I had an epiphany, of sorts. (This is where we flash back to last night.)

I turned off Megyn Kelly just after her “smug” intro and right after Cruz came on, because … well … I can only take so much smugness and hypocrisy in ten minutes.

I did flip back and caught a little of Kasich. Not excited about him, but I like him more than I did from the beginning. I think he is an honest man. However, he couldn’t hold my interest.

I finally flipped the channel back and was fortunate to hear most of what Dr. Ben Carson had to say. Now, it is no secret … I am a Trumpian …I belong in the first wave that came out as a Trumpian, when it wasn’t … cool. But … I do have the highest respect for Dr. Ben Carson.

I felt that he was brilliant tonight and that he had one of his best nights that I have seen. I could see the crowd behind him nodding, smiling, agreeing with him … and being pulled in by his honesty and his articulation of his principles … and THEN it came to me … Donald Trump is also … brilliant, and this was well-played. Trump did a good thing by NOT attending Kelly’s Town Hall in Houston, tonight. And here is why.

Texas is probably Cruz’s to lose. It is his state. He has the former Governor (Perry) and the current Governor (Abbott) endorsing him. And, he is ahead … even before the Town Hall.

Will it hurt Trump by not attending (whatever the reason)? I think the real question is how much. And, I don’t think that it will hurt him that much. Real Trumpians are fiercely loyal. This Town Hall will not change their mind.

And, his absence gave Dr. Ben Carson more time to shine. And, shine, he did.

Now, Carson and Trump are the two extremes of personality and delivery. After tonight, those who had not decided … before … tonight and were considering Cruz, but were concerned about the dirty tricks coming out of Cruz’s camp … were presented the alternative, tonight. And that … is Dr. Ben Carson.

With Trump not attending tonight, Dr. Ben Carson was able to shine, answer the questions, and show this audience why he shouldn’t be counted out as of yet. Dr. Carson, in my opinion, was able to take some of Cruz’s votes, tonight. (Only supposition, on my part … but, anyway)

And, that amount of votes that Carson might have been able to pick up won’t hurt Trump, BUT … could very well end up hurting Cruz. If Carson is successful enough to take enough votes away from Cruz (after tonight) …. Trump … may have his fourth win.

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Debbie Barth: 2/25/2016 at 9:53 am EST
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True, Rick Tyler is a smug, over-confident, nasty, no holds-barred communications adviser (now, at least for the moment … former adviser), in my opinion. But, was he really a scapegoat, taking the fall, so that Cruz can try to save his campaign under the guise (again, in my opinion) of being a Conservative Christian?

I believe that Cruz allowed all of the dirty tricks … the voter violation letter, the communication that Carson had left the race, the phony robo calls stating that Marco had left, even some that were claiming to be from Marco, in Spanish, the ad with Marco shaking hands with Obama, and now the video with the edited audio showing Rubio disrespecting the bible. And these are the tricks the American people know about.

Was Rick (eager to do whatever to win) set up to do as much damage as possible before getting caught … and then used as collateral damage, in Cruz’s “clean up” spin.

Or … are we really seeing the real Cruz coming out, little by little … and is this a glimpse of why people, working closely with him in Washington D.C., don’t like him?

It seems to me that the firing of Rick Tyler today was not the end of the shady and underhand tricks by Cruz and his campaign staffers … but, the beginning of the crack inside the campaign culture of Ted Cruz … that is beginning to make him look more like Burt Lancaster in the old 1960’s movie, Elmer Gantry. (Great movie if you haven’t seen it)


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Debbie Barth: 2/22/2016 at 8:58 pm EST
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