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Judge Curiel and The Case For Trump

This is a lawsuit between Trump and plaintiffs against Trump University. It is NOT, for crying out loud … a NATIONAL suit, nor is it a matter of national security. The faked outrage is ludicrous!

I would ask the people trying to make this an issue … if your son or daughter was being sued by the parents of a young girl who died in a car accident while riding in the car of this young man or woman … suspected of texting before the accident … and the Presiding Judge … had … just lost his daughter in a similar accident … don’t you believe the lawyers for the defendant would be screaming for the Judge to recuse himself?!

It is the Defendants duty to his/her client(s) to scrutinize the Presiding Judge in every way possible, securing a FAIR judgement.

Judge Curiel may be born in Indiana … but he is of Mexican Heritage who was a member of the LaRaza Bar Association of Lawyers. He is no longer a member … NOT because he felt he needed to in order to at least appear to be unbiased … But … only … because in order to accept his appointment as a District Judge … he was required to give up membership. The plaintiff’s lawyers are devout supporters of the Democratic Party and have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to H. Clinton for speeches.

Judge Curiel has friendly ties with the head of Univision (which Trump sued).

The main plaintiff, a woman … was ordered to step out of the suit because … there were several previous glowing endorsements of Trump University made by her.

There are thousands of letters and endorsements submitted by satisfied students of Trump University.

In lieu of this woman having to step out of this suit and the amount of endorsements that have come to light … this Judge … SHOULD have thrown this case out, but did not.

Donald J. Trump has every right to want this Judge to recuse himself, and his reasons are valid.

Anyone saying otherwise simply has an agenda to take Trump down by any means, valid or not … or … they are being hypocritical if they are saying that they would not scrutinize the Judge presiding their case. And, the defendant’s lawyers would be remiss.

Bottom line … this is nothing more that BS. And, since when is it RACIST to call a Mexican … Mexican??

Anybody falling for this crap should be ashamed of themselves this is ridiculous. Everybody … back to your safe-spaces!


One of my newest Twitter friends was gracious enough to send me the email she got from the Cruz camp, this last week. I asked her to send it to me, because I had gotten the same e-mail.

Unfortunately, my email got deleted with the other 136 emails I deleted that day. She will remain nameless, unless she sees this and would like to volunteer her name. I thank her for sending it to me.

This goes to the treachery, the lies and the deceit of the Establishment and to Trump’s opposing candidates, specifically, in this case, Ted Cruz … and to the downright cheesy tricks the Cruz Camp pulls.

The Cruz camp fails to say that Trump, at the last debate, handed the moderators his faxed rating of an “A” that the BBB gave this training … the current rating … just before the debate ended, and, in plenty of time for them to make that announcement.

As far as the suit, itself, this is a case, where the individuals had the opportunity to take a specific course … and made the decision to invest in their future. Some were very successful. Some failed miserably. All took the same course. Those who failed, decided to blame someone other than themselves and decided to participate in another investment … taking part in a law suit against Donald Trump. End of story.

As far as Trump not attending CPAC, I would ask my readers; if you had a choice to attend a family reunion where you know that people will attack you, boo you, and walk out of the room, or attend a party that welcomes you with open arms, respect what you have to say, and wants to hear more of what you say … seriously … what would you do?

And, with Donald’s lead in the race, thus far, he doesn’t need CPAC. He does, however, need to be in Florida, as this is a most important future win for Trump. In my opinion, he is telling CPAC (the GOP Establishment), that he does not play by their rules. And this, is actually what it will take to make America great … and … a Republic, once more.

In fact, Cruz is the failure here … and, the one who is showing the true culture of the Cruz Camp. That culture is filled with hypocrisy, lies, and dirty tricks. I am not sure why anyone would consider this man a true Christian, based on his actions, throughout this campaign, thus far.

And, in the case of sending the cheesy letter, misrepresenting Trump and the Trump University, the one who failed … and truly failed miserably … was Ted Cruz.

The cheesy letter Cruz is sending out is below:

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Debbie Barth: 3/5/2016 at 3:43 pm EST
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