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The Woman In The White Truck Is No Example … And She Just Got Busted!

The woman who thinks she is so cool because she put up the F/U Trump on her white truck and who lives in Houston, TX is Karen Cook Fonseca.

While I do agree in Freedom of speech … there are consequences that go with that speech. Also … freedom of speech says a lot about one’s character, their values, manners, and … lack of decorum.

She does have a Facebook page. It looks like she has small children. I don’t care about what she thinks of our President. I do care about children. Her children, in this case … are riding around in her white truck, with an obscene word boldly in place, on the truck … for other children in other cars to see.

I remember a time when adults … parents … willingly … took on the role of setting an example for small children to follow.  Examples of good manners, how to express oneself without the use of foul language, being respectful of others … and … yes … even how to be a good loser.

Perhaps this was not passed on to Ms. Fonseca.  It is evident, she is not passing it on to her children.  I  don’t think the issue should be how adults, in cars around her, process her tasteless message.  If I were in traffic, I would probably shake my head at her low-class demeanor, and then laugh … knowing President Trump is the one sitting in the Oval office.

I  think the issue should be focused on the example she is setting for other children who see this crude decal … and … exposing them to bad language that parents (hopefully) discourage in their children.

Perhaps, my title was misleading.  She is setting an example for children.  She is setting a very bad example.  A very bad example for everyone in a car in Houston, with children who see her flagrant profanity…  and … think this is how someone should act in a civil society.

My issue is not what she thinks of Trump.  My issue … with her … is her flagrant disregard for other children who also see her profane decal … and … what they think.


Karen Fonseca was arrested about 2 p.m. on an outstanding fraud warrant issued in August by the Rosenberg, Texas, Police Department, Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office records show.

Mike Fonseca, her husband, posted her $1,500 bond Thursday night 11/16/2017 and she was released an hour later, Houston’s KHOU-TV reported.


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So, Meryl Streep said something like … without them, all we would have is football (and something else …) Well Meryl, I love football and I don’t need you, in fact … didn’t know you still made movies.

I have tried to watch some of the movies that have been released over the last few years, and the only ones that I thought had any value were American Sniper and Lone Survivor. You didn’t have as much as a cameo in either movie.

None of you can speak from the heart … you all need scripts in order to converse. It’s my opinion that most of you will sleep with a goat, if it would get you a part in a movie.

Aside from a script, I doubt if any of you read. You all talk about Trump’s foul mouth, but it doesn’t seem to stop you from wearing see-through clothes that enhance your … enhanced boobs, butts, etc., on the red carpet, or taking a starring role as sleazy con artists with foul mouths, with no regard to the message you are sending our children.

You talk about how great Socialism is and how we should “help” the poor, as you buy mansions in 3 different locations, drive $300,000 vehicles and spend more on lunch that most people make in one month. How many of you have invited illegals to come live with you? How many kids have you put through college that could not have otherwise gone to college? How many of you have “cheap” labor cleaning your pools and cleaning up after one of your drunken, pill-induced, free-for-alls?

How many of you have been in the military and served your country. How many burning houses have you ran into to save lives? How many times have you run toward gun fire, instead away from it?

In fact, seriously … what have YOU ever done for this country?

No Meryl, I really don’t need you. I happen to love football, and I do like to read … books, newspapers, journals, etc. In fact … rather than to spend my money going to movies and supporting your bad language, sleazy-looking clothes, drinking and drug problems, and your need for adulation … (you as in YOU and your movie making one-night-wonders) … I decided to buy myself a Kindle Oasis e-reader.

Seriously … I … don’t … need … you.

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