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Biological Does Not Make You A Father

15.365 - My dad: one of my biggest fans

Image by Jeff the Trojan via Flickr

Want to wish all the wonderful Dads out there a very Happy Fathers day! I believe a father is not just “biological”. He is not someone who just puts food on the table and gives you shelter. He’s the first person you see at your ball game, play, or high school debate. He is the one who sets up waiting for you the first night you have the car and then smiles when you walk through the door as if he wasn’t worried at all. He is the one who says “no” sometimes above all the protests and threats of “running away from home to join the circus.” He is the one who teaches you to respect women by the way he treats your mother. He is the one who teaches you respect, ethics and tolerance by the way he treats others. He instills high standards and encourages you to stay in school and be the very best you can. He is your father the first half of your life and then, while still your father … your very best friendĀ  …. the last part of his life.