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Who the Enemies of Donald J. Trump Really Are on January 20, 2017

On January 20, 2017, Donald J. Trump will be sworn in as our 45th President of the United States.  He will be sworn in to defend America from ALL enemies, foreign and domestic.  The emphasis, today is on “domestic.”

Communism, Socialism, and Anarchism are here, in America.  The protesters you see tomorrow, they are not Patriots who love this country and feel that, somehow, we are going in the wrong direction by denying Globalism.  These are paid protestors, these are college kids indoctrinated by liberal college Professors, these are illegals, from other countries, trying to tear down America.  These are women who will cry “shock and disgust” at Donald Trump’s language, but will happily buy their children tickets to see Miley Cyrus have sex with a crucifix, Beyonce, half-dressed, shaking her butt, singing about getting laid, and the latest songs filled with violence, disrespect for women, and sexual lewdness.

America is under attack, and President Donald J. Trump has arrived in the 11th hour.  The evidence is in the protests you see tomorrow.  Know who, and what these individuals are.  Know that they have nothing to do … what-so-ever … with the preservation of America, but everything to do with the deterioration of .

I highly suggest you watch this in order to get a better understanding of what is really going on.  If we better understand it … we can stop it.



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Just like Anthony Weiner, Miley Cyrus, and Geraldo Rivera, the media is exposing itself, again … and “it’s not pretty.”

If you listened to the debate last night, you know exactly what I am talking about.

The media might as well hold up signs that say “Globalist and proud of it!  We’re opening borders, and closing down individual thinking, one lie at a time.”

All the Liberal and Republican news “entertainment” shows are talking about is that Donald J. Trump will not accept the election results.  Actually, he basically said, he would “wait and see.”  The only story here is that some people are offended by logic, and truth.

Chris Wallace saved the question for last, probably expecting this very answer from Trump.  He planned it well.

The thing is, Donald Trump, a few minutes earlier … had spent time referring to the Project Veritas Videos- Part 1 and 2 , addressing actual conversations, and proving the existence of rigged campaigning and the possibility of rigged voting booths.  Trump referred to the damaging Wiki-leaks emails confirming, in essence, the message of the videos.  Now, with that being said … I would then conclude that Trump would have been condemned, no matter what he said.  Whether it was, “let’s wait and see” … “no” … or, “why, yes … absolutely I will accept the results.”  There would have been an onslaught of attacks, today.  And, here is why.

If he had given the “hypocritical, standard,  “PC” reply”, then the media would be ripping him apart for saying that he would accept the results … just minutes after saying this campaign and more than likely, the voting system, itself, is rigged.  The media would have then down-played the recent videos and wiki-leaks, as simply … “of little importance,” since Trump had no problem, accepting the upcoming election results.

But, being the honest and logical (what a concept) leader that Donald J. Trump is … he said, “I will wait and see, and let you know.”  He didn’t pander, he didn’t waiver … he told the truth.  And, what he said makes all the sense in the world.

The media will not, now, be able to disavow the videos or wiki-leaks, using Trump as an example of why the videos and wiki-leaks emails are not relevant.

The media is also not reminding the American people that some of the Republican Candidates lied when they said they would support whoever the Candidate may be, during the primary.  They lied, and their actions prove it.

Only Fox (to my knowledge and as I write this) has mentioned that Clinton, herself, did not accept the results in 2002, nor did Bill Clinton.  And, Al Gore actually tried to bring legal action because he felt he had been robbed of votes.

Yes, the media, and its owners are Globalists.  They want open borders (Democrats, Republicans, and all who will profit, while the American Republic goes down in flames.)  They will do everything possible to take down Donald Trump.  And, yet this man is still standing, proud and strong, with a resounding message of love for this country, and our Republic.

And, the media … the media continues to expose itself to the American people, in desperation for attention and validation.  They have bared their soulless agenda.  And, again … like Anthony Wiener, Miley Cyrus, and Geraldo Rivera … “it is so not pretty.”


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I am surprised at some of the people who say they aren’t voting for either candidate, in November. Some think that it “sends a message” to the government, and some feel that, somehow … it cancels out another vote (note sure about the math with this one) and some say that it will not make a difference.

I think that if you just set there … and you don’t vote … you don’t do anything, but complain in social media or to each other … how do you feel this is actually sending a message to anyone that is really pertinent in government, or that it will lead to change? Frankly, I think you are letting the government off the hook and you are “complying” … not … “sending a message.” If you are actually doing the math, it isn’t staying home that counts … it’s actually voting.

And … YES, votes do count and that is what sends the message to the government. Not a temper tantrum or some kind of misguided sense of “superiority of character and what’s best for this country,” based on doing nothing because … one’s choice of candidate didn’t get nominated.

And, YES … voting WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE … and one that will be seen.

You aren’t just voting for a person. You are voting for open … or … closed borders. You are voting for continued usurpation and overspending of this government … or … stopping usurpation and overspending.

You are voting for a continuing racial division in this country … or … bringing people together, through conversations based on their love for this country, personal respect for each other, and a drive to bring back jobs and better education for all.

You are voting for elevating the risk for terrorism in this country … by bringing more immigrants into this country, who are not properly vetted. Or, you are voting for common sense in the fight against Islamic Radical Terrorism.

You are voting for more gun control, making it more difficult for innocent, law-abiding people to take protect their families … or … the enforcement of the gun laws already on the books and the preservation of our 2nd amendment.

You are voting for who will be the next confirmed Supreme Court Justice (Perhaps as many as three) and future landmark rulings.

You are not just voting for a person. You are voting for what that person will do once in office.

Never has the difference in policies been so different. Never has the sanctity of our Bill of Rights and our U.S. Constitution, our economy, our education, our future … our country … been on the line as it is now.

I may not agree with your choice, but to not vote at all is letting down every man and women who has fought for the very right to vote.

No, simply because you don’t like the candidates who are running … two very different fates are in the hands of the winner in November. And, you will help to seal that fate.

You are NOT just voting for Hillary R. Clinton or Donald J. Trump. You are voting for the Republic of America … or not.


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Once again Americans woke up this morning to another terrorist attack, this time … in Brussels, which is a region of Belgium.

As of the time of this blog, it has been reported that 31 people have been killed and 187 people have been injured in two explosions at the Brussels’ airport and, one explosion at the Metro Station.  As time goes on, sadly, the death toll may increase.

ISIS has apparently taken claim for these attacks.  There are reports from various news agencies indicating that this attack may have been planned far in advance, but, was carried out ahead of plan, in retaliation for the capture of terrorist Salah Abdeslam. (Wanted in the Paris attacks on 13 November 2015.)

And, then, here in America … is the explosive remark detonated by Ted Cruz against Donald Trump.

While Cruz did not directly blame Trump for the terrorist attack in Brussels (He would have if he could have had more notice, I’m sure.), Cruz did say the following. “It is striking the day after Donald Trump called for America … weakening from NATO … we see Brussels … where Nato is headquartered, the subject of an Islam terrorist attack.”

He went further and said that “Donald Trump is wrong that America should withdraw from the world and abandon our allies. Donald Trump is wrong that American should retreat from Europe, retreat from NATO, hand Putin a major victory and while he’s at it hand ISIS a major victory,” Cruz said.”

I find it not surprising, but despicable of Ted Cruz to use this moment to talk about Trump, rather than to simply send a message of condolences and solidarity to the people of Brussels … this … without … making a political statement.

Cruz said that it was wrong of Trump to work forward to “withdraw” from NATO.  And … that Trump wants to weaken NATO.

I find it typical of “Lying Ted” to make a political statement about Donald J. Trump that is absolutely false.

Now Hear This!  “Lying Cruz” alert!  This NOT what Trump said, or meant.

What Trump said … and meant … is that NATO is not carrying its weight.  NATO depends heavily on America, financially, with America adding so much more help, financially, than any other country that is a part of NATO.  Trump is calling for NATO to do its share financially.  Would he use this at a “bargaining power” for America to stay in NATO?  Absolutely, he should … in my humble opinion.   And, we know that he is the best negotiator of all negotiators.

And, we know that Ted Cruz is the best liar … of … well.  And, yes, that is my humble opinion, based on lie after lie, after lie.

Utahns are headed for the polls tonight, and I am sure that the terrorist attacks in Brussels, hours ago, will be on their minds.  I’m sure that the safety of this country will be on their minds.  I can only hope that when they hear Ted Cruz speak of building a wall and (as of today) there should be a halt on visas and we need to stop the influx of refugees coming into America … that Utahns will remember that it was Donald J Trump that said this first … “when it wasn’t cool.”

And, that Ted Cruz … hours after the terrorist attacks in Brussels, used this terrible tragedy to launch a political attack on Donald J. Trump, by detonating false accusations.


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The more I look at the video footage of the uninformed, Anarchist, Socialist, Bernie/Hillary people who were actually paid to create havoc and stop good people … that stood in line for hours, from seeing and listening to Donald J Trump … the more I just shake my head.

NONE of the Bernie/Hillary people could give a reason for protesting against Trump.

One of the young girls protesting was asked … in between her squeals, sounding similar to what one would hear at a pig farm … to talk about why she didn’t like Trump.  She stood there with a blank expression, and then said …“I don’t want to talk about it.”

 One young man who appeared to have a semblance of intelligence replied, when asked the same question, that his problem with Trump was that Trump did not want Muslims in this country. Trump was against other people’s religions, especially, Islam.

So much for first impressions.  Firstly, Trump said he wanted to put a TEMPORARY ban on REFUGEES fleeing to this country until we could get a hold on who is actually coming into this country. That makes perfectly good sense, since it is some of the Islamic terrorists and terrorist-wannabes that are coming into this country under the guise of poor, mistreated refugees, fleeing from certain death.

And, secondly … the thing about the Islamic faith?  Seriously??  People are getting their heads chopped off … 14 innocent people were slaughtered recently … in the name of Islam.  Islam is not a race … it is a religion (more like a cult, IMHO). While one may be born into a family or the culture of Islam … it is still a faith of choice.  People, well aware of how many innocent people all over the world are being killed in the name of Islam … are choosing to remain, or to become Muslim.

I understand what Mr. Trump means, and quite frankly, I feel the same way.  Anyone who chooses to follow a faith that has a history of violence going back as far as the early 1800’s, in recorded American history … should be scrutinized.  And, I doubt that Mr. Trump has a problem with the Muslims that are passive and wish to simulate into our American culture, respecting our Judeo-Christian and Catholic faith.

He, as do I, have a real problem with those, who claim to be Muslim, blowing up buildings filled with people, chopping off the heads of those who refuse to convert to Islam, and slaughtering a roomful of people who … two weeks before … held a baby shower for the same Islamic terrorist murderers.

And so … the articulate, well-spoken young man … failed to restore my faith in any of the people screaming Bernie! Bernie! Bernie! and ranting about “free speech” (theirs … not anyone who disagrees with them) or Trump Hate (if what I saw out of this crowd was love … I’ll pass.)

If any of these people actually understood how ridiculous and uninformed they sounded and how much they actually looked like “extras from a Walking Dead movie,” if they could understand that the inappropriate and un-American actions they take … now … will adversely affect them in years to come, then, they would stop this crap.

But, I am sure that if you asked any of them about how the public perceived their Anarchist approach to their version of free-speech and their anti-American values, I’m sure the response would simply be … “I just don’t want to talk about it, right now”.


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One of my newest Twitter friends was gracious enough to send me the email she got from the Cruz camp, this last week. I asked her to send it to me, because I had gotten the same e-mail.

Unfortunately, my email got deleted with the other 136 emails I deleted that day. She will remain nameless, unless she sees this and would like to volunteer her name. I thank her for sending it to me.

This goes to the treachery, the lies and the deceit of the Establishment and to Trump’s opposing candidates, specifically, in this case, Ted Cruz … and to the downright cheesy tricks the Cruz Camp pulls.

The Cruz camp fails to say that Trump, at the last debate, handed the moderators his faxed rating of an “A” that the BBB gave this training … the current rating … just before the debate ended, and, in plenty of time for them to make that announcement.

As far as the suit, itself, this is a case, where the individuals had the opportunity to take a specific course … and made the decision to invest in their future. Some were very successful. Some failed miserably. All took the same course. Those who failed, decided to blame someone other than themselves and decided to participate in another investment … taking part in a law suit against Donald Trump. End of story.

As far as Trump not attending CPAC, I would ask my readers; if you had a choice to attend a family reunion where you know that people will attack you, boo you, and walk out of the room, or attend a party that welcomes you with open arms, respect what you have to say, and wants to hear more of what you say … seriously … what would you do?

And, with Donald’s lead in the race, thus far, he doesn’t need CPAC. He does, however, need to be in Florida, as this is a most important future win for Trump. In my opinion, he is telling CPAC (the GOP Establishment), that he does not play by their rules. And this, is actually what it will take to make America great … and … a Republic, once more.

In fact, Cruz is the failure here … and, the one who is showing the true culture of the Cruz Camp. That culture is filled with hypocrisy, lies, and dirty tricks. I am not sure why anyone would consider this man a true Christian, based on his actions, throughout this campaign, thus far.

And, in the case of sending the cheesy letter, misrepresenting Trump and the Trump University, the one who failed … and truly failed miserably … was Ted Cruz.

The cheesy letter Cruz is sending out is below:

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The South Carolina Primary was as exciting for me to watch as this season’s Super Bowl game. (Yes, I can hear people screaming “GET A LIFE.”) And … this time … my team won.

I sat glued to the T.V. set Saturday evening, and stayed connected to my closest Facebook friends who share the moniker … “Trumpian.” Finally, as much as it must have crushed Fox News, Megyn Kelly … with a pasty-white-faced … pained expression … announced Donald J. Trump as the clear winner of the South Carolina Primary.

Not one for being … “subtle in expression” … I gleefully let out my “sounds of celebration” which could probably be heard throughout my local neighborhood and certain areas of Social Media. The “Trumpian Call” was heard by other Trumpians … and the sounds of celebration echoed through-out Facebook and Twitter.

But, just like in this season’s Super Bowl game … not everyone was happy. Even those who wanted Trump to win South Carolina, were concerned about being seen as “gloating” over Mr. Trump’s successful win.

I thought about that for about … 5 seconds … and profoundly responded …. “Naaah.”

Of course, I can only speak for myself. I actually looked up the meaning in the dictionary to make sure that the word … gloat … like so many other words, in today’s culture, had not changed in meaning. Sure enough “to gloat” means “to dwell on one’s own success or one’s misfortune with smugness or malignant pleasure.” Perhaps when one is upset at a loss, it is easy to mistake the winning side’s joy … for smugness. And, people who know me know that I do not dwell, maliciously, on other people’s losses or misfortunes. My football buddies, I think, would vouch for me on this.

I, for one was celebrating. I was celebrating Donald J. Trump. From the moment he announced he was running, this last June, he has been called a clown, a buffoon, and much worse. The media even made fun of his hair. I celebrate Mr. Trump for standing tall, hair in place, and not being intimidated by a media press that has been attacking him from day one.

I celebrate Mr. Trump for being the victor when being hit with sarcasm, and unwarranted attacks, by standing firm and hitting back… and … so much harder. (This is the kind of President that I want in the White House.)

I celebrate Mr. Trump for showing his sincerity and love of this country by being self-funded. No one owns this man. None of the other candidates can say this.

I celebrate this man for proving that he is every bit the businessman on the Campaign trail, as he is in real estate … by spending less on his campaign, at this point, and yet, being the top candidate.

I celebrate the fact that no one, in history has done what Donald J Trump has managed to do in just eight short months, and without ever being in politics in any capacity beforehand.

So yes, I celebrated Mr. Trump’s successful win in the South Carolina Primary. And, I will continue to celebrate each … and every … win. And so, to those who misunderstand … please excuse my “gloat”, because … I was only … celebrating.


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One of my Facebook friends asked me a great question in my On The Grid and Off The Grid Group. I had posted a blog, yesterday, commenting that during the South Carolina debate last week; Donald J Trump should have mentioned his sister, Senior Circuit Court Judge, Maryanne Trump Barry and explained why he would not nominate her to the Supreme Court, if elected President.

Michael asked, and made a good point, whether or not that might actually hurt Trump, based on his sister’s leanings … in particular, the partial birth abortion ruling against banning said abortions. (July 27, 2000).

I love questions that can bring out the “rest of the story” and distinguish fact from fiction.

She is a Republican. She is one tough Circuit Court Judge that has proven command over her court. She ruled against (by not allowing plea bargains) two detectives that were protecting drug dealers, and they received jail terms. She ruled over and put away Mafia crime bosses. In my opinion, she sounds a little like a female Attorney General Bobby Kennedy. Only, she is Presbyterian and not Catholic. Still, they both have famous brothers.

Her ruling on partial birth abortion was actually more involved in the decision-making process than the opposition, and certain media outlets would have you know. They love to tell you half-truths. Those half-truths that fit into their agenda. The media does not give credit to the American public for researching beyond the words of the “media darlings’, and finding out that there is much more to the story.

And, here is the rest of that story:

She ruled against the ban on partial abortion because the original 1997 New Jersey law was too general in language and disregarded any potential danger to the mother that could arise from the pregnancy.

There were no protections for the mother in this law that would have protected her, should the abortion need to be done in order to save a mother’s life and/or if the mother’s health was in dire jeopardy. But the media, instead, would have you believe that she approved of babies being yanked from a mother’s womb, at partial birth … for selfish convenience.

I am pro-life, make no mistake about that. But … I understand Judge Barry’s decision more clearly by going further; and, doing my research, before casting out disparaging remarks that are baseless in content. It apparently was not that Judge Barry was completely for partial birth abortions at all … it had more to do with the looseness and generalities in the 1997 New Jersey law that would, by definition, allow the possible murder (a death that could have also been stopped) of a mother … perhaps with children already and a husband, due to a pregnancy that had gone terribly wrong.

My last thought regarding that great question by Michael was … had Jeb Bush “thrown” Barry’s court decision in Trump’s face … that would have been a great time for Trump to say that … he is not his sister … and Jeb is not his brother, George.

So, that is the rest of the story, concerning Senior Circuit Court Judge Maryanne Trump Barry’s decision on partial birth abortion. The media … is overruled and the jury is ordered to (ok … asked to review first) disregard that remark.
Here is the New York Times article that I use in reference to this comment:


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