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It is a cold reality. The Super Bowl Polar Bears have been iced. One might think the Bears (no, not from Chicago) lost their commercial spot due to the struggling economy. But, according to Coca Cola (who markets the ads) … the bear commercials were just too … passive.

I would guess that there was no family dysfunction, nudity, adultery, people being taken out by assault rifles, foul language, no explicit sexual scenes, no autopsies being performed … nope … just too serene and passive for Coca Cola’s Super Bowl audiences.

So here’s the tip of the iceberg. Coca Cola is replacing the bears with cowboys, badlanders and showgirls … yep … all in one commercial. The commercial places them in the desert, were they see a giant cold frosty bottle of Coke. The battle to get to the Coke is on and the race begins. Sounds like a 15 second “take” on a Sunday night reality show … but whatever.

Coca Cola has made the polar bear demise more … bearable … by getting consumers involved. Consumers will be able to use Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media networks they can come up as a way to interact with the characters and sabotage their least favorite team. Here is a link to a site where consumers can vote on who they want to eventually win the race … www.cokechase.com . The winner will be revealed at the end of the game.

I can already see it now. Family and friends are sitting around the T.V. at the end of the game … the commercial comes on … the end is revealed … and then one can hear someone proudly say …. “I voted for that ending.” Suddenly, Super Bowl 2013 is forgotten, and everyone else in the room looks … in “shock and awe” … up with new-found respect for that person.

Coca Cola … I care barely wait.

Today I was “gang-grouped.”

1-22-2013 12-15-47 PMIt happens when you least expect it.  You are just setting at your desk tweeting with your newest BTFF (best twitter follower forever) or you are texting your thoughts on Facebook’s new Graph Search to the world while getting your wisdom teeth pulled out at the dentist …. and it happens … you’ve been “grouped.”  You start noticing all these new Facebook notifications concerning a group called “Pygmies … Why Women Love Them” …. and you have no idea why your email is filling up with these.  You do not know any pygmies … or women who love them.  The simple truth is that Facebook allows members to add you to any group without asking you first …. no kiss first … no dinner.  People can just “group” you at will.  While the “perp’s” justification is that you are so awesome, you have been invited to the party … or your wisdom and participation are so valued … they are not considering the fact that most people really do want to be asked first.

With all that being said, let me also say that there are some phenomenal groups in Facebook of which I am blessed and honored to be a part.  It is because of these groups that I have met some of the most awesome people on the planet.  Some with whom, I have established a close and long-lasting relationship.

I guess I am an old fashion gal who does not like to be taken for granted.  I prefer being asked first.  In fact, if I found out I have been added to a group without an invitation first … I will … every time … just leave immediately.  And, that is what I did with the three groups I found myself added to this morning.

I also know that there will be those who read this and will think I am referring specifically to them, and that is not true.  I simply adore my FB friends … including the ones involved in the most recent … “gang-group”.  And I would hope the feeling is mutual.

Simply put …ask me to the party … and I will come with my dance shoes on (I can’t guarantee how much time I have to participate.) But, don’t take me for granted …. and just don’t “group” me.

“Hi Honey, Guess What I Did Today!” – The Truth and Anthony Weiner

Anthony Weiner at the LGBT Pride parade, New Y...

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Congressman (N.Y. Dem.) Anthony Weiner has shown himself to be … well actually …. has “shown himself” ….. period. I, like most people, have read or watched the media strip him bare (oops, a double-entendre), but unlike most bloggers, I haven’t blogged my thoughts or opinions.

That is, until now. I thought I had better get this blog out before this latest political faux pas becomes stale and yesterday’s news for real. And I also realize that you can’t write or talk about this guy without double-entendres popping up (see what I mean) everywhere. The man is a double-entendre. So, I challenge my readers to read my blog and count how many double-entendres you see, and report back.

I do believe, given the fact that Weiner has asked for a short leave of absence to seek treatment in order to become a better husband and public figure (seriously?) … and that more pictures, even more lewd than the others, have surfaced …. and (finally) the alleged interaction with the 17 yr. old girl …. this may be Weiner’s last stand. (Oops, another double-entendre?) I think that he will resign sometime this week… and slowly shrink away from public view for quite a while. (I do have this creepy feeling we haven’t seen the last of him, however.)

While this particular entry is about “the Weiner” (not going there); it is also about the response of some politicians, the media, and the general public.

This last week and weekend, I have heard so many comments referring to “truth.” I have heard comments like … “Well, at least he did admit that he sent the pictures and that they were of him,” and some said…” we should give this guy a break …after all, he did tell the truth … finally.” I have also heard some in the media, politicians and even some whose political careers were destroyed due to scandal say that if he had just told the truth to begin with, this would have eventually just gone away.

The man is a narcissist who likes to get naked and take pictures of his “weinie” and send it out to social websites. This is what is repugnant and a just a bit sick (in my humble) opinion, and not whether he lied about in the beginning. Of course he is going to lie about it if he thinks he can cover it up. Imagine that …. a politician who lies and covers up his actions (sigh). Nor does telling the truth make him more likable or excusable. Seriously folks, while we hate being lied to … we all have told a few lies in our lifetime, when it served our purpose. I mean, we were all teenagers at one time or another.

Let me just express it this way. If my dear hubby had done what Weiner did and ….in the name of truth … come home and greeted me with “Hi honey, guess what I did today!” …his life would have just gotten …. shorter. And I say that with …. certitude.