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Green Bay fans … the NFL and the Green Bay Packers do not care about you.  They care about their players.  They care about money … their prestige … their ownership of their Packer fans.

They care about filling the seats, high ratings, and Championships.  They do not care about the person who is the fan, nor do they care about this flag or country. (In my opinion.)

The owners and coaches care about players who have been pushed through schools and colleges, without knowing how to read a book, let alone read our U.S Constitution … and … that disrespect our soldiers, our flag and our country.  The players are their precious commodity … until, they aren’t.

Aaron Rodgers is calling for Packer fans to … show up (uppermost in his mind) … and link arms in solidarity for the players (who disrespect our flag) … not… in solidarity for our flag, Anthem, country and soldiers.  His plea to the public is:

“This is about equality,” (Rodgers said.) “This is about unity and love and growing together as a society, and starting a conversation around something that may be a little bit uncomfortable for people. But we’ve got to come together and talk about these things and grow as a community, as a connected group of individuals in our society, and we’re going to continue to show love and unity.” (excerpt from USA Today)

My response to Aaron Rodgers (I was a huge fan, at one time) is … that our flag is about unity, love and our solidarity … as a country.  How small Rodger’s request is, in comparison.

To be clear … this is my opinion.  Instead of kneeling outside the door on the Green Bay locker room, I will express here, in my blog.

I will not be watching the game tonight.  In my opinion, this “plea for solidarity,” is simply a ploy to get people in their stadium seats … and, in front of the cameras; and, to get their failing ratings back up.  I am not going to participate in that.

The Green Bay Packers … to my knowledge, at this writing … are the only publicly owned football team.  That means there is a high percentage of the Green Bay Packer fans who own stock in the Packer’s team.

It is my hope … given the blatant disrespect of this team … that the stock-owning fans will not show up tonight.

As for me … I’m putting all my stock into my flag, my country, and our brave soldiers.


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The NFL thought they owned us.  The team owners had beautiful stadiums built, reminiscent of Roman arenas … which evolved into glorious Coliseums.

The pageantry of the pregame ceremonies whipped up the crowd into a frenzy, filling the stadium with loud cheers for their team, and boos for the visiting teams.  We loved our NFL and our NFL teams.

The football players would run onto the field like gladiators running toward a life-or-death match.  Those “football gladiators” … many of whom we bestow our respect and adulation … and …  forgive … easily…  the players who beat their wives and girlfriends, who shoot themselves in their own thigh … while drunk at a club, and who kill passengers in their car, while driving under the influence.  We even forget those … who are in prison for arranging the murder of a pregnant girlfriend, which caused mental and physical injuries to the unborn child, who … miraculously… was saved.  (Rae Lamar Wiggins … aka …Rae Carruth-former Carolina Panther.)  We love our NFL and the NFL teams.

We have not flinched at the inflated ticket prices or the cost of purchasing all the NFL paraphernalia, to show off our favorite teams and players.  We loved the NFL and the NFL teams.

And, the NFL and teams knew it.  They knew that whatever they did had no bearing, because the fans loved them.  The NFL owned us.

But then … one day … a player decided to take a knee and disrespect our National Anthem, our flag, soldiers, first responders, and … our country.  Then … twelve more players decided to “take a knee.”  And, when our President spoke out, passionately, against the disrespect … entire teams, complete with their coaches … “took a knee.”  And, then something the NFL hadn’t expected … happened.

Fans started to burn their jerseys, fans declined going to the games, sales at the NFL store slowed down … fans cancelled their NFL Ticket on Direct T.V. … and, fans turned off their T.V. at game time.

The NFL thought they owned us.  They thought we loved them.  And, we probably did.  What the NFL didn’t count on was that fans … AMERICANS … loved their country … more.


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Debbie Barth: 09/27/2017 at 12:01am EDT
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People Have a Right to Protest – No Matter How Hypocritical

 People have a right to protest. They have a right to assemble peacefully.  Sometimes it helps to bring change.  And sometimes, it brings out the hypocrisy of people demanding center stage, and having no clue what to say and why they are really there.  That is exactly what I think of the “Women’s March” today. 

 A “war on women?”.  How misguided and hypocritical can people be!  If these people want to know what a “war on women” … truly is … they need to talk with Ayann Hirsi Ali.  This woman was caught in a “war on women” and, in comparison … it makes these fools look small and petty.

 They should read her books:

Infidel: My Life, Heretic -Why Islam Needs a Reformation Now-The Caged Virgin-Nomad: From Islam to America

 The people participating in this march have no clue what a “war on women” really is.  They have no clue why they were even there.  In fact, many were paid.

And, the irony is, these people don’t even realize that they are pawns of the Organizational leaders … from Planned Parenthood, to Gloria Steinem … that are using them to hang onto, even a shred, of relevancy.

 Yes, they have a right to protest and to assemble peacefully … no matter how misguided and hypocritical they are.  It is … after all … America.

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Who the Enemies of Donald J. Trump Really Are on January 20, 2017

On January 20, 2017, Donald J. Trump will be sworn in as our 45th President of the United States.  He will be sworn in to defend America from ALL enemies, foreign and domestic.  The emphasis, today is on “domestic.”

Communism, Socialism, and Anarchism are here, in America.  The protesters you see tomorrow, they are not Patriots who love this country and feel that, somehow, we are going in the wrong direction by denying Globalism.  These are paid protestors, these are college kids indoctrinated by liberal college Professors, these are illegals, from other countries, trying to tear down America.  These are women who will cry “shock and disgust” at Donald Trump’s language, but will happily buy their children tickets to see Miley Cyrus have sex with a crucifix, Beyonce, half-dressed, shaking her butt, singing about getting laid, and the latest songs filled with violence, disrespect for women, and sexual lewdness.

America is under attack, and President Donald J. Trump has arrived in the 11th hour.  The evidence is in the protests you see tomorrow.  Know who, and what these individuals are.  Know that they have nothing to do … what-so-ever … with the preservation of America, but everything to do with the deterioration of .

I highly suggest you watch this in order to get a better understanding of what is really going on.  If we better understand it … we can stop it.



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The Beginning of “The Beginning”

I am excited to announce that “The Promise Book; Tell Someone” is now available at Amazon.com and at www.thisisdebbiebarth.com.  The book is the key to the vehicle allowing parents to talk with their small children about child predators without frightening or intimidating them.  The website, for this book, also includes a blog that will express my experiences, as well as the experiences of others.  From time to time, I will share those blogs, here as well.

However, I will also continue my thoughts on all subjects known to mankind.  So … stay tuned.

Here is the first blog from my new www.thisisdebbiebarth.com.  The subject matter is not always easy to write about, but, it is a subject that needs to be addressed … and, combated.


Only The Beginning


It was a day … just like any other day.  The walk home from elementary school … was like any other walk.  Yes, it was like any other day … until she walked through the front door, into the living room.

He appeared to be asleep, with his face and body turned toward the back sofa cushions.  He was completely undressed.  He must have heard her come in, and knew that she was standing there.  He turned over, looked at her … and smiled.

She was feeling uncomfortable, and yet, unable to move.  He was lying there, undressed, now … staring at her.  He had such a strange smile on his face.  He told her to come closer.  She did.

He took her hand and put on his … “private part.”  It was so quite in the house.  She couldn’t breathe.  His smile became even wider, even stranger.  And then … he let her hand go.

He said, “go change your clothes and go out and play.”

She ran to her room, closed the door, changed clothes hurriedly, and then ran through the kitchen and … out the back door.  She wasn’t sure what had just happened … but … she was glad it was over.

What she didn’t know …was that it was just beginning ….


Unfortunately, child predators are often the people closest to the child.  Please look for the signs.  Trust your own instincts.  And, protect your children.  Don’t rely on them to tell you something is wrong.  They won’t, unless you have talked to them, beforehand.  Prepare them.  Let them know … before it happens … that they can “tell someone,” no matter who the abuser is.


I hope that you will also take some time to drop by website, at www.thisisdebbiebarth.com and look at this beautiful book, “The Promise Book; Tell Someone,” aimed at helping parents talk with their small children about child predators in a way that is not frightening or intimidating.

So, you are now really seeing the different sides of Debbie Barth … because … “this is really Debbie Barth.”

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Last Friday, protesters tried to block the Presidential front-runner, Donald Trump, from making a speech before the Republican Party Convention in the Hyatt Regency hotel in Burlingame, California.

They chanted obscenities and threw raw eggs at police.  They chanted obscenities and threw objects at Trump supporters.  They called Trump a bigot and a racist.  Their presence threatened the thousands of Trump supporters, simply trying to exercise their right to freedom of speech by attending the Trump rally.

Ironically there were protesters that were clearly not from America, and … who could barely speak English, crying out “This is not America.”

And, as most people, who actually watch the news and read know … many of these protesters were there simply … to earn a pay check.  Most were disrespectful and clearly had no idea what or why they were protesting.  One wonders how many of the protesters (and I use this term loosely) were actually illegals.  What was evident is that they were acting like caged wild animals, foaming from the side of their mouths, with no respect for others … and it would seem … for themselves.

And, the fact is … with all the ranting, chanting and raving … they did not achieve their goal, quite the contrary.  They may have actually helped to show Americans the bravery, the conviction, and the genuine leadership of Donald J. Trump.

Mr. Trump, along with the Trump Team, took a different route, stopped their vehicles off the side of a major highway – jumped down three feet, went through a cut opened fence, walked across a ravine, went down a service road, and walked through the doors via the back door … all while protestors chanted obscenities, stomped the American flag and acted like complete goons.

In the face of opposition, danger, and obstructions, Donald J. Trump reminded the American public what fortitude, courage and strength of character looks like.

Indeed, they huffed and they puffed, but they could not blow Donald J. Trump down.

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Last night, during Megyn Kelly’s Town Hall … I had an epiphany, of sorts. (This is where we flash back to last night.)

I turned off Megyn Kelly just after her “smug” intro and right after Cruz came on, because … well … I can only take so much smugness and hypocrisy in ten minutes.

I did flip back and caught a little of Kasich. Not excited about him, but I like him more than I did from the beginning. I think he is an honest man. However, he couldn’t hold my interest.

I finally flipped the channel back and was fortunate to hear most of what Dr. Ben Carson had to say. Now, it is no secret … I am a Trumpian …I belong in the first wave that came out as a Trumpian, when it wasn’t … cool. But … I do have the highest respect for Dr. Ben Carson.

I felt that he was brilliant tonight and that he had one of his best nights that I have seen. I could see the crowd behind him nodding, smiling, agreeing with him … and being pulled in by his honesty and his articulation of his principles … and THEN it came to me … Donald Trump is also … brilliant, and this was well-played. Trump did a good thing by NOT attending Kelly’s Town Hall in Houston, tonight. And here is why.

Texas is probably Cruz’s to lose. It is his state. He has the former Governor (Perry) and the current Governor (Abbott) endorsing him. And, he is ahead … even before the Town Hall.

Will it hurt Trump by not attending (whatever the reason)? I think the real question is how much. And, I don’t think that it will hurt him that much. Real Trumpians are fiercely loyal. This Town Hall will not change their mind.

And, his absence gave Dr. Ben Carson more time to shine. And, shine, he did.

Now, Carson and Trump are the two extremes of personality and delivery. After tonight, those who had not decided … before … tonight and were considering Cruz, but were concerned about the dirty tricks coming out of Cruz’s camp … were presented the alternative, tonight. And that … is Dr. Ben Carson.

With Trump not attending tonight, Dr. Ben Carson was able to shine, answer the questions, and show this audience why he shouldn’t be counted out as of yet. Dr. Carson, in my opinion, was able to take some of Cruz’s votes, tonight. (Only supposition, on my part … but, anyway)

And, that amount of votes that Carson might have been able to pick up won’t hurt Trump, BUT … could very well end up hurting Cruz. If Carson is successful enough to take enough votes away from Cruz (after tonight) …. Trump … may have his fourth win.

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The South Carolina Primary was as exciting for me to watch as this season’s Super Bowl game. (Yes, I can hear people screaming “GET A LIFE.”) And … this time … my team won.

I sat glued to the T.V. set Saturday evening, and stayed connected to my closest Facebook friends who share the moniker … “Trumpian.” Finally, as much as it must have crushed Fox News, Megyn Kelly … with a pasty-white-faced … pained expression … announced Donald J. Trump as the clear winner of the South Carolina Primary.

Not one for being … “subtle in expression” … I gleefully let out my “sounds of celebration” which could probably be heard throughout my local neighborhood and certain areas of Social Media. The “Trumpian Call” was heard by other Trumpians … and the sounds of celebration echoed through-out Facebook and Twitter.

But, just like in this season’s Super Bowl game … not everyone was happy. Even those who wanted Trump to win South Carolina, were concerned about being seen as “gloating” over Mr. Trump’s successful win.

I thought about that for about … 5 seconds … and profoundly responded …. “Naaah.”

Of course, I can only speak for myself. I actually looked up the meaning in the dictionary to make sure that the word … gloat … like so many other words, in today’s culture, had not changed in meaning. Sure enough “to gloat” means “to dwell on one’s own success or one’s misfortune with smugness or malignant pleasure.” Perhaps when one is upset at a loss, it is easy to mistake the winning side’s joy … for smugness. And, people who know me know that I do not dwell, maliciously, on other people’s losses or misfortunes. My football buddies, I think, would vouch for me on this.

I, for one was celebrating. I was celebrating Donald J. Trump. From the moment he announced he was running, this last June, he has been called a clown, a buffoon, and much worse. The media even made fun of his hair. I celebrate Mr. Trump for standing tall, hair in place, and not being intimidated by a media press that has been attacking him from day one.

I celebrate Mr. Trump for being the victor when being hit with sarcasm, and unwarranted attacks, by standing firm and hitting back… and … so much harder. (This is the kind of President that I want in the White House.)

I celebrate Mr. Trump for showing his sincerity and love of this country by being self-funded. No one owns this man. None of the other candidates can say this.

I celebrate this man for proving that he is every bit the businessman on the Campaign trail, as he is in real estate … by spending less on his campaign, at this point, and yet, being the top candidate.

I celebrate the fact that no one, in history has done what Donald J Trump has managed to do in just eight short months, and without ever being in politics in any capacity beforehand.

So yes, I celebrated Mr. Trump’s successful win in the South Carolina Primary. And, I will continue to celebrate each … and every … win. And so, to those who misunderstand … please excuse my “gloat”, because … I was only … celebrating.


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I was stunned, completely immobile, when I head the announcement of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s death, yesterday evening. As I laid down the book I was reading, certain words being spoken were setting off alarms in my ever-so-inquisitive mind.

A secluded ranch … found alone in his room … not feeling well after dinner … his untimely death … died of natural causes.

With every word, it was beginning to sound more and more like a political thriller written by Frederick Forsyth or Jeffrey Archer. But, this wasn’t a chapter out of a bestselling novel; this was real life … and death.

Certainly, the location and circumstances could bring speculation to most right-brains like me … but it was the word … untimely … that had me thinking that … perhaps … this really is about time. Not untimely … but timing.

Justice Scalia was a textualist and an originalist, when it came to our U.S. Constitution. His individual decisions in landmark cases were based on the written word of the Constitution … and … the social temperament of the people, at the time it was written, not the social temperament of today. He was indeed, the most Conservative Supreme Court Justice sitting on the bench. At an age of only 79 years (not old by Supreme Court Justice standards) he had many more years ahead of him to make a difference in the outcome of landmark decisions. He would have been sitting on the bench as a new Republican President and administration, in theory, came into power.

And then … suddenly … Supreme Court Justice Scalia is found dead, in his room … at a secluded ranch. The last I heard is that his death was not caused by a heart attack … but that he died of natural causes. And so, speculation still builds. Just what is the “natural causes” from which he died?

I cannot speak for his family, but, I hope that there will be an autopsy. In fact, I believe that any high official of his stature, with similar circumstances … should be autopsied. It should be a requirement.

I can hear the “gasps” and people calling me Conspiracy Theorist. But, perhaps it’s time we woke up and realized that we live in a much darker world than we perceive. In fact, autopsies in cases like Supreme Court Justice Scalia would put conspiracy theories to rest.

And, now the “timing” thing. As I mentioned earlier … Justice Scalia was the most conservative of the nine sitting Justices. There is a very good possibility that a Republican will be elected in November. And, with this new President, will come a Republican administration … that is hell-bent on annihilating everything thing in sight that has Obama’s hand-prints on it.

While, the very real probability of a Republican President being elected in November doesn’t change. The social temperament of America now has a huge opportunity to slide, even more so, into a deep dark abyss of Liberalism.

If Obama appoints a new Supreme Court Justice and the Senate confirms that nomination, then the hope of putting America back on the Conservative, God Loving, flag waving … road to recovery … will be made extremely difficult. There is no doubt that Obama will appoint someone who will not only continue to carry the torch of “American desecration”, that person will have a life-time in which to carry that torch and to sway every landmark decision that comes into the Supreme Court to a Liberal decision.

How convenient for Obama, to … within just 11 months left … be given the opportunity to put this very real scenario in motion.

It was a secluded ranch, he was found dead, alone, in his room. He had retired early because he mentioned that he “wasn’t feeling well” … just … after … dinner.

Just what were the “natural causes”? I would hope that this was a death caused by natural causes and not by some kind of premeditated poisoning for, for murky political reasons. Hopefully this government and those “in the shadows” have not sunk so low.

There is no doubt, however, that … with the death of the most conservative Supreme Court Justice in American history … if Obama gets the opportunity … our U.S. Constitution will be poisoned beyond recognition, and will die a very slow death.

Debbie Barth: 2/14/2016 6:33 pm EST
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